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Message Subject I Had A Dream, Where I Saw It All!!!
Poster Handle Psychonaut SN7
Post Content
I escaped from the MATRIX...

The thread title however is just a combination of the two songs in the OP. As they contain related words/info. For those that don't know the first song is from one of Trinity's YouTube accounts. I'm not sure if that's him singing or someone else's song he uploaded...

Combine "Trinity" and "Matrix" then you should KNOW what I AM speaking of. Anyways if you dream you can achieve anything you wish. As the first quote in my signature states. In the simplest terms possible the words that the world is made of is your words...

It may be hard for most to realize/understand this and the only way to truly believe is to experience it for yourself. It took me 26 years to realize I could completely silence my thoughts as well as my thinking. When you have a completely silent mind that is when it's easiest to use words to program reality. I now realize that words have power and the way you use language can alter reality. I now realize it's very important to learn the in great detail the meaning/definition of each word, letter, or number you say or type...
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