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Elites Depopulation agenda and their exposure of their common sense and stupidity

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03/27/2020 02:32 PM
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Elites Depopulation agenda and their exposure of their common sense and stupidity
IF Elites believe humans are the only intelligence species in this universe and thinks by depopulating earth humans they will rule, these people has to be the biggest dumbs fuck even dumber than the lowest IQ non-elites....First being a elite and not believing aliens exist should be their biggest weakness and this shows how dumb these elites are...elites believing they can depopulate earth and get no alien response is like stupidity beyond comprehension...believing humans were created by the religious should be the biggest crime against intelligence and believing they can depopulate earth and aliens by that time will be sucking each others dick and wait for the dumb elites to take over is like a movie set where the hero actually thinks he is super hero and at the end of the movie he realizes he is actually dumb like the others...Elites thinking humans were created by some stupid gods should be their worst possible crime against them selves...

after depopulating these elites will be the giving any intelligent alien life to take over the planet with minimal resistance as they will have only the coward and dumb elites to kill off...

No wonder why the common populace are so dumb and ignorant as their rulers are even dumber and ignorant than the basic humans...
good luck elites