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Message Subject Prayers needed for my father.Already was in hospital.Now has been tested with Symptoms.
Poster Handle Servant-of-the-LORD
Post Content
My father is in James Paget Hosptial. [link to www.jpaget.nhs.uk (secure)]
I have not been able to see him since last Saturday. We cannot drop anything off for him.I call him a lot. I tried yesterday to collect his laptop and take his vitamins in as he has finished them.They won't let me drop them at the front door for collection.
long story short:
My father had Polio when he was young.One leg slightly longer than the other. He has had 2 heart attacks. he is on Dialysis 3 times a week.

He has just recovered from pneumonia again.
He was just about ready to leave this weekend.I called the ward last night, and they told me they had tested him.
They also told my step mum the day before that CORONA was in the ward.They also said my dad had a sore throat. I have been talking to him 2-3 times daily, but due to his condition is on very heavy meds and is confused a lot sometimes.He confirmed to me that yesterday he got a sore throat.
I am awaiting the result.But I ALREADY know what the result will be.
he told me that there was only 3 people left in his ward including him.When i visited last saturday, i wore a mask and gloves.No staff had any masks on. When i called him later that day he said "the staff asked him why i was wearing the mask.My father asked was there a problem? The staff said that i scared the other patients. Today (27th) he said now all the staff have gowns and masks etc on.
i will get his result tomorrow morning, but like i said I KNOW ALREADY.
This is a real story.I can validate it right now!

grouphug prayers pray pry Praying Smiley grouphug


amen1 amen1 amen1
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