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Is coronavirus a natural virus or is it manipulated by humans?

Anonymous Coward
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03/28/2020 06:29 PM
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Is coronavirus a natural virus or is it manipulated by humans?
The Internet circulates information about the coronavirus, which some say is a natural virus and others say it is a human-manipulated virus. This is evident from the way it behaves, as natural animal influenza viruses and human seasonal influenza viruses are dangerous to children, the sick and the elderly. The American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that the virus of animal origin (influenza, etc.) is extremely dangerous and even fatal to children under 5 years of age, over 65 years of age, women with weak immune systems and pregnant women. Worldwide Coronavirus Data has shown that coronavirus is mild in children and infant mortality is rare. If the coronavirus were a natural virus of animal origin, the data should show a clear proportion of deaths in children under the age of 5, but none. This in itself proves that coronavirus covid-19 is a human-manipulated virus, as true animal-derived coronavirus is dangerous to children under 5 years of age.

YLE has published an article: Coronavirus rna says it was not done in a laboratory (26.3.2020). The source of the YLE article is sciencenews.com: Well, the coronavirus was not made in a lab. A Genetic analysis shows it from nature. YLE did not fully disclose what sciencenews revealed. This was surely intentional from YLE, as it has often supported false news in the mainstream media (of course, YLE also has a lot of pretty real news).

Sciencenews pointed out that the coronavirus is not human-made, but is derived from an anthill called an ant cone, which is evidence that the coronavirus does not come from the laboratory but from nature. According to an article by Sciencenews, a group of evolutionary biologists and virologists from several countries studied the coronavirus covid-19. The researchers said that SARS-CoV-2 (covid-19) differs in its constituents from other previously known viruses, so they had discovered an unknown virus that occurs in nature.

The researchers believed that the genetic data unquestionably showed that SARS-CoV-2 (covid-19) was not derived from any previous viruses. One of the researchers, Kristian Anderson, said how skeptical he was about whether the virus was natural because it was so different. Anderson thought that such a virus could be created in a laboratory where the viruses can achieve mutation when copied many times. Anderson said viruses in nature have some of these mutations and could go away through natural selection, but could survive in a laboratory where even a weak virus doesn't have to fight hard to survive.

Above, Anderson said (revealed) that coronavirus covid-19 could be one that could be made in a laboratory. Anderson would have preferred to remain skeptical and investigate the matter impartially so he could see that the coronavirus covid-19 was human manipulated.

Anderson and the researchers ended up comparing coronavirus covid-19 with other naturally occurring coronaviruses such as bats and ant cones. The researchers concluded that the covid-19 coronavirus could be a mixture of bats and ants. Researchers said that bats and ants are the best proof that the virus is natural. The researchers also said that they were still not sure which animal was the source through which humans had been transferred.

Kristian Anderson admitted that such a virus could be made in the laboratory, but they did not want to admit it, even though they acknowledged that covid-19 was not derived from any previously known virus, they developed and invented the theory that it was a mixture of . It could also be that they had the premise that they believed the virus was natural, because certain people would insist that the truth would not be revealed from its true origin in the laboratory.

Earlier today, I wrote an article from a study by Indians saying that coronavirus covid-19 is different from other coronavirus family viruses and that its origin is not natural with covid-19. Indian researchers said they found four additions to the protein of the covid-19 virus, which are also missing from all other viruses of the coronavirus family. According to Indian researchers, these strange new additions to the 2019-nCoV virus are unlikely to occur by chance (it is unlikely that they would occur naturally).

Research by Indian researchers has been pulled out because one of the researchers said that they did not intend to feed conspiracy theories, and they did not make such an assertion. The authors say they will review the document and re-analyze it before republishing it.

Indian researchers conducted an honest analysis that contained the same ingredients as the suspicions of Kristian Anderson, who admitted that such a virus could be made in the laboratory. Admittedly, Anderson and his colleagues thought it could not be done in the laboratory, but he admitted that it would be possible. The withdrawal of Indian scholars is probably because it stepped on the toes of a ruling concept (a false concept in power). It may be that the power machinery scares Indian scientists so that their latest version strongly adheres to the current idea of a natural virus, which is a false idea.

I urge every reader to take into account one really important piece of evidence that proves that covid-19 virus is human manipulated. A natural animal virus that covid-19 coronavirus is said to behave like a natural virus and be dangerously deadly in children under 5 years, over 65 years old, women with weak immune systems, and pregnant women. Worldwide data shows that covid-19 has not been dangerously deadly for children under 5 years. Why so, why doesn't covid-19 behave like a natural animal virus? Because it has been manipulated by man and the reason for this is in the video links of the sources.

[link to www.cdc.gov (secure)]
[link to translate.google.com (secure)]
[link to www.sciencenews.org (secure)]
[link to www.biorxiv.org (secure)]