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Coronavirus research reveals that the coronavirus is human-made and manipulated

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 78696505
03/28/2020 06:31 PM
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Coronavirus research reveals that the coronavirus is human-made and manipulated
Coronavirus research by Indian researchers reveals that the coronavirus is a human-made and manipulated virus. Indian scientists do not use the words man-made virus in their research, but their results clearly show that this coronavirus covid-19 (2019-nCoV) contains strange ingredients that naturally do not belong to the coronavirus family. A closer look at the study by Indians has convinced some medical professionals that the coronavirus is human-made. However, there are many medical professionals who do not believe that coronavirus is human-designed, despite the fact that research by Indian researchers revealed that coronavirus covid-19 is structurally different from other coronavirus viruses because covid-19 contains identical amino acid residues to HIV-1. and key protein constructs of non-natural origin with covid-19 virus.

Indian researchers said they had found four new additions to the covid-19 virus protein, "GTNGTKR" (IS1), "HKNNKS" (IS2), "GDSSSG" (IS3) and "QTNSPRRA" (IS4). To the researchers' surprise, these additions were not only absent from SARS protein S, but were also absent from all other coronavirus family viruses. The researchers said this was surprising because they thought it was highly unlikely that the virus would naturally have produced such unique additions in the short term.

According to Indian researchers, these four additions have been found in all available Wuhan 2019-nCov cases (analyzed in humans), but these four coronavirus inserts have not been found in 2019-nCoV hosts (bat-analyzed).

Indian researchers said that these four additions are not present in other coronavirus family viruses and that the genomic region of the virus in these additions does not distinguish it from other coronaviruses. Surprisingly, these additions were consistent with the human immune system (HIV-1), according to Indian researchers. According to Indian researchers, these strange new additions to the 2019-nCoV virus are unlikely to occur by chance (it is unlikely that they will occur).

The result of Indian research has been attacked in many ways. It has been said that they have withdrawn from the results (this is true, look at the link to see if the coronavirus is natural or human manipulated), it has been said that it is not based on reliable research, etc. covid-19 is not a natural virus of animal origin, but is a human-manipulated virus. Influenza viruses of animal origin and seasonal influenza viruses of human origin are the most dangerous for children, the sick and the elderly. Coronavirus covid-19 has not been dangerous to children, as statistics show that most deaths have occurred in the elderly and sick, but infant mortality is rare. According to statistics, coronavirus covid-19 is generally mild in children. Indeed, researchers have found that coronavirus covid-10 mysteriously saves children but kills the elderly. If coronavirus covid-19 was a natural animal virus, it would have to be much more dangerous to children, which it has not.

I believe that coronavirus covid-19 is a man-made and man-made virus that has not been Accidentally escaped from the Wuhan microbiome laboratory, but has been deliberately put in traffic from China's Wuhan and the Chinese are being tried to make the culprit. In fact, I believe that the New World Order Architects, the Illuminati, are behind the coronavirus covid-19 and have somehow spread the virus by starting to catch it from Wuhan so that the "culprits" are the Chinese. It may happen that China will still "acknowledge" that the virus has escaped from Wuhan, but if it does, the Chinese will do it under pressure from the Illuminati.

Why would it be important to understand that coronavirus covid-19 is human made and manipulated? Therefore, because the Bible prophesies that in the end of the world this world will be united so that without a certain sign (the mark of the beast - some kind of bio-identifier implanted in man) no human being on earth can buy and sell, only the true disciples of the Lord Jesus. The coronavirus and the resulting global actions are preparing for a new future world order that will eventually lead to the Beast's Revelation announced by the Bible Revelation.

My purpose is not to create hopelessness and anxiety, but to say that man has only security and protection in the Lord Jesus against all the evil that end-time humanity will experience. If you confess your sins to God and believe in the Lord Jesus, you will be forgiven your sins and salvation to eternal life. You who are a true disciple of the Lord Jesus, you have security and protection in God, you have nothing to worry about, Jesus is coming soon.

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