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God allows times of tribulation to come to the western world and at the same time takes away this high standard of living

Anonymous Coward
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03/29/2020 12:30 PM
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God allows times of tribulation to come to the western world and at the same time takes away this high standard of living
This prophecy is for Finland, but similar situation is around the western world.


To the Finnish people!

Thus says the Lord: I am the same God, who in the past have spoken of this to policy makers and the people about grace period through the same prophets.

I am looking at how this people and individuals living in deep sin in life. There is no fear of God. However, there is a small crowd in this people who fears and prays to God and also blesses my wealth Israel.

It has now come to the point that the measure of sin has come to an end. I can't stand it anymore. And I the Lord will decide to come to this country in times of tribulation and at the same time take away this high standard of living. I appreciate those who take their food needs to other countries so that not so much food would be wasted. There will be distress, which will be seen and heard every day. I won't let the bleeding come. I'm letting this plight come very suddenly.

Neither the EU nor the UN can help it, because it comes from Me.

When this happens, you kneel down and start shouting at me. In those days, I will awaken to a sinful feeling, and then you will wake up to repentance of God's blasphemy, all your fornication, your drunkenness, your worship of Satan, your nocturnal orgy, your nakedness, and your terrible sins.

I should soon apologize to the people of Sodom and Gomorrah, whom I destroyed because of my sinful life, if I did not intervene in this terrible life. Mo. 19: 15-29.

I give you the opportunity to turn away from your evilness. For I am not minded of the death of the wicked: but when he turn from his wickedness, he shall live. Ezek. 18:23.

I raise men and women who are endowed with such gifts and powers that they declare free and healthy even on the streets, guilty, and also sick.

These are the days when prayers of prayers are answered and harvested in the kingdom of God. Many signs and wonders I do, and I show to an unbelieving man that there is a living God for whom nothing is impossible.

I love this people so much that I do all of this by grace, personally examining each person to see if they want to come to me and be saved to eternal life.

I have given My Son Jesus to die, that everyone who believes in Him, My Son is given by the blood of forgiveness of sins.

This is MY message for the days to come for this people. The Lord does nothing without informing His servants the prophets.

Recorded in Espoo on November 17, 2007

Tauno W. Rantala preacher

[link to www.jouko-piho.fi]