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Subject The Rapture in the Age of the Corinia Virus and Mass Hardship.
Poster Handle Judethz
Post Content
bridec...……. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. ……….bridea

Many of you will be extremely worried about the fate of you families and yourselves as widespread food shortages, unemployment, social unrest and other serious problems threaten to overwhelm us in the coming weeks and months.

Today is the day of your salvation for the Lord has promised that those of us who put their trust in Him will be snatched away to meet Him in the clouds before all hell breaks loose upon a disbelieving and evil world. Most of you will have heard about the Rapture, and many of you will have questions that I and others will do our best to answer.

You have still been blessed with a little time so turn to the Lord now and He will be quick to hear you. But don't take all day about it, you could get hit by a bus tomorrow and then where would you be?
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