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Message Subject The Rapture in the Age of the Corinia Virus and Mass Hardship.
Poster Handle Lester
Post Content
Have to say, OP- Judith, that I have to marvel at your steadfastness and faith in what you decide to believe in.

Not to say that you are correct, but it's an amazing strength of belief....

It is unfortunate for you that you aren't willing to Trust God with all you are; or even just as much as you trust in the false rapture doctrine.

Lots of Witness about The Born-Again Life in the NT as well as The Father's Offering unto the Hebrews in Ezekiel 36:26-27. HIS Offer to "replace your heart of stone" with "A New Heart Of Flesh" (HIS OWN Flesh!) and thereby Enabling Born-Agains to KNOW and DO HIS Will and "KEEP MY STATUTES" IS The Concise Witness of The Born-Again Life.

Jesus Gives HIS Witness on The Born-Again Life in John ch 17. Given As A Prayer, Jesus Tells HIS Apostles HE Doesn't Ask Father to Remove HIS People from this earth, but to Preserve Them Against All evil". John 17:15

Then Jesus closes the prayer with Witness that those who are HIS are Together With HIM and The Father As HE IS With The Father...

It's pretty clear, if you're up to Trusting God Fully; that HE Delivers HIS People and we've SEEN HIS Protection and Delivery, Our Passing-Over by evil...

It's not God's Will to abandon those Christians who've been unable or unwilling to Answer HIS Call... Born-Agains will Be HERE Doing HIS Will and we have been Prepared/Enabled BY HIM To Fulfill All HE Would Have Us Do...

Kinda like the widow who's last measure of oil and flour was replenished daily through her Obedience Unto God's Command To Sustain Elijah, HIS Prophet.

St. John Witnesses THIS Of Born-Agains: 1st John 2:20 "But you Have An UNCTION From The Holy One, and KNOW ALL Things!"

We KNOW ALL Things We Need To KNOW In Serving God's Will.

KNOWING HIM Personally and Directly; Having STOOD IN HIS Presence While We Made Our Surrender of self and Gave HIM Our Lives To Do With However Pleases HIM...

There's no confusion about "being okay", or "being killed", or put into some desparate situation.


There is no fear or anxiety for us to live under.
God's enemy holds no sway over us.
Abiding With and Through The Father with HIS Holy Spirit Within US, WE RELY ON HIS Witness And Guidance!

Knowing The Father IS ALL That Matters...

God Has Blessed and Made Your Way, The Way For US To Come Unto HIM... It's why Jesus Was Sent, and The Reason For Which HE Redeemed Us... To Enable Us To Stand In Father's Presence and make our surrender of all we are and all we ever will be.

All you gotta do is take the first step with all your sincerity and honesty. HE Does The Rest...

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