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Message Subject The Rapture in the Age of the Corinia Virus and Mass Hardship.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The rapture topic brings out unbalanced and dogmatic beliefs in some Christians.
They can get ugly about it.
They'll criticize and judge you and say mean things to you (and other Christians)... well, that's when I quit reading what they say.
You know some of them.

A few unbalanced, emotionally angry posters will insist that they have the "only" truth and will unleash unwarranted contention upon others.

Contentious Christians are to be avoided.
I avoid reading EVERYTHING they have to say after I have witnessed an ugly spirit in them.

Judith, Thank you for posting about the rapture. You've taken lots of flack from other over the years.

I trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not unto my own understanding.. about the timing of the rapture.

Do I BELIEVE that Jesus will make a way of escape for us?
In the twinkling of an eye!

Those with hardened hearts will not go.
Those with contentious spirits ... well, I suppose that's why they have to go thru' the Valley of the Shadow here on earth.
They are not kind and gentle people like Jesus.
They preach Him but it's all a personal show for fleshly reasons, they don't really KNOW HIM.
You have GOT TO KNOW HIM!!
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