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David WIlcock is Shill for China and the Illuminati

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 77971549
United States
03/30/2020 12:25 PM
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David WIlcock is Shill for China and the Illuminati
David Wilcock went live from his house in Hollywood to claim that the virus is cover for the Mass Arrests he has been predicting.

Who exactly is this Alliance he refers to? China!

See for yourself. [link to divineco (secure)] CK smos.com/davids-blog/898-chinasurpriseiii/
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 77971549
United States
03/30/2020 12:30 PM
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Re: David WIlcock is Shill for China and the Illuminati
China’s October Surprise III: The Fight for Disclosure
Posted by David Wilcock | Dec 6, 2010 |


This satellite became a “cliffhanger” plot point to carry us into the next season. The negative faction of the ETs are now calling out into space — apparently for reinforcements.

There was no prior precedent in the show to suggest they were going to use a rocket or a satellite, or that anything like this would happen.

In earlier ‘writes’ it could easily have been something here on the ground that was helping ET phone home.

Their goal? They want to terraform the Earth so they can colonize it — and in the process effectively destroy it for everyone else.

Given that China’s October Surprise may very well become public knowledge, including their use of a missile, this plot point in ‘The Event’ could easily be part of the ‘spin control’ to create a healthy fear around the whole thing.

If China is working with their own group of ETs, even the white hats in the Pentagon don’t want them to come out as the shining stars of Disclosure.

It’s a much better idea to cloud the legitimacy of any effort China is making by embedding the ‘spin’ directly into popular fiction — to help shape and mold what people think about real-world events.


There are other very similar efforts I’m seeing as well — particularly since the China story I started telling you about in October has been leaked in certain online UFO forums.

I was utterly shocked at how many specific details were in this online ‘leak’ — much more than I had been willing to say here. The online ‘leaks’ were loaded with remarkably specific points I had already heard independently.

The similarities caught my attention. Very much.

The even bigger surprise, though, was in seeing the things that were different.

In these forum ‘leaks’, we are told that China’s ETs are trying to terraform the Earth so they can colonize it.

Conveniently, we are also expected to blame the Chinese and their friends for deliberately creating the BP oil volcano as well — when they had nothing to do with it.


In the ‘spin’ version, the BP oil disaster was created to deliberately release a microbe into the Gulf that is intelligent and self-organizing — and will quickly terraform the world, so China’s ET allies can comfortably move in.

Same spin, different way.

While nothing can ever be completely ruled out, I am certain that this is a classic case of disinformation in action.

If China is actually doing a good thing for humanity — or even just protecting their own faction in the global game — and could utterly defeat the Old World Order in the process, the Powers that Were need to flood the online information market with counterfeit ‘currency’ about China’s real intentions.

They then force these paranoid, negative interpretations of current events to become part of the public discussion. If I didn’t raise them here, others would then think I was doing my own ‘cover-up’ of China’s “real intentions.”

New Agers on the same UFO forum then started saying they were having telepathic contact with the group mind of the microbes — and said it was actually a positive thing to help us Ascend.

More and more people have an intuitive ‘knowing’ that this is all working out — so even crafty disinfo programs are not achieving their desired objective.

Nonetheless, there is a hard fight going on. When the forum leaks didn’t catch on and get traction, the same point was apparently established much more prominently in ‘The Event’ — complete with the missile launch added in.


I highly, highly doubt the ET allies of the Chinese want to terraform the Earth and take over. The whole concept that this would even be necessary is mythical once you understand that the human form is a Galactic design.

The vast majority of habitable worlds have the same atmospheric composition — the same sort of microbes, plants, insects, birds, animals and fish, et cetera. It’s a great design and it has gotten us a lot of mileage here in the Milky Way.

The high-level ‘Management’ ETs have set up and maintained a Galaxy-wide stargate network — specifically to encourage peaceful exploration of these mutually compatible worlds, inhabited by human beings.

It is interesting to see two different sources — the UFO forum insiders and “The Event” — both trying to put the same ‘spin’ on these extremely significant current events, which the mass public may soon know are the handiwork of China.

I believe this is all part of a last-minute effort to make people fear China’s plan — knowing very well that it could go public soon.

Once I explain to you how many different events are all interconnected, you might begin to see what an incredible story this is.


In Part One, I also said China’s move could very well have been the result of Divine timing — coming at the last possible minute. The world’s economy is under direct attack — and this time the Powers that Were want to destroy everything.

Many of my dreams have said things would look really, really dire, as if there was no way out, but then it would resolve right as it seemed we were really done for.

In Part One I ‘leaked’ some of this new information — namely that the Old World Order feels they have run out of time, and are trying to create a financial disaster that would lead to the deaths of 4.5 billion people.

In the next installment, hopefully in a week or so, I will roll out all the provable specifics to track that financial information — as it is also a very complex discussion and would make this part of my article series far too long.

In Part One I also alluded to the fact that China had created an incredibly surprising counter-move to this Old World Order financial attack.

I have a strong feeling the Wikileaks material was part of China’s plan, with the go-ahead from the Obama administration — but no one anticipated how strong it would really be.

Assange’s tactic of using the “deadman switch” suggests he’s being advised by seasoned intelligence professionals.


As you can now find out from other sources already online, China’s big counter-move against the Powers that Were began in October.

Packages that had been hand-delivered, by courier, in July were ordered to be opened on October 13th.

These packages were given to every head of state of every country in the world. Little did they know they had just received a time bomb — literally.

They were all told if they tried to open them before the 13th, an explosive in the package would completely destroy everything within a six-mile radius.

I assume that if they tried to move them, this would also create the same problem. I can also assume that if they failed to open them within a fairly limited window of time after October 13th, the same disaster would occur.

They could have abandoned their official buildings, and maybe some did — but any such actions would arouse great suspicion.

This is why I described China’s move as so skillfully and brilliantly crafted, and compared it to Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”. They effectively scared the living crap out of leaders all over the world by doing this.


Every head of state, in over 120 countries worldwide, did open their boxes — but many waited until the 14th just to be sure.

Inside every box was an identical set of goodies.

This “care package” included comprehensive documents outlining how to build free energy technology — as well as many other secrets that should no longer be classified. Working free energy prototypes, with all the plans to reproduce them, were also in the box.

One such example is a battery that lets your car run a thousand miles on a gallon of water.

The clear message is “Stand down and let us get free energy out to the world. We want Disclosure, we want peace, we want an end to poverty and hunger and we want it now.”


Before, during and especially after the time the packages were opened, when the Old World Order did not readily surrender, China engaged in a form of warfare we’ve never seen before on Earth — at least never on this scale, with this many events in such a short time.

China — with a little help from their friends — used EMP technology to disable a wide array of corporate and military assets held by the Old World Order.

I was the first person to tell Fulford about this, and he later got independent confirmation from his own insiders that I was right.

The proof is redunantly visible in the news headlines once you know what you’re looking for.

I’m going to show you all the links to these stories so you can decide for yourself if there was, indeed, a highly bizarre number of ‘random accidents’ that all happened at the same time.

China’s message clearly was “You can’t stop us. Stand down. Let us do this. Disclosure must be allowed to proceed. Otherwise we can completely shut down everything you’ve got.”

Way less than 50% Public Interest in time of crisis and David WIlcock steals all of his information from GLP as this post proves
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 77971549
United States
03/30/2020 12:37 PM
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Re: David WIlcock is Shill for China and the Illuminati

Nobody cares?

This guy just had a livestream with 36k viewers.

He said China is the Alliance and he wants them to EMP the US

He said the Alliance released the virus to do Mass Arrests

This guy is the biggest China shill on the planet
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 78523095
03/30/2020 12:40 PM
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Re: David WIlcock is Shill for China and the Illuminati
That is not as far fetched as it seems.

It is actually a possibility that China ditched the illuminati handlers that were using them.

Could be the reason why Xi went full dictator.