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Message Subject Seraphin thru Rosie
Poster Handle ALL IS ONE IS ALL
Post Content
Another from the later part of 2012...
[link to www.rosie-jackson.de]

and just me here.. but it seems this is the last portion of the Global Examination...we are now here under this quarantine..


Seraphin through Rosie, 23rd September 2012

R: Dearest Seraphin: what do you have to tell me at this critical time where everything is intensifying on all levels? I feel a bell is ringing in a classroom, to signify the end of an examination …

S: Yes, Dearest, it is like sitting in a classroom, doing your final exams, and the final bell has rung. The teacher is saying PLEASE PUT DOWN YOUR PENCILS. YOUR PAPERS WILL NOW BE COLLECTED. There has been much preparation by some of you – hard preparation, like chopping wood on a metaphysical level; sorting out the old, planting the new. You have been learning through experiences so appropriately put in front of you by your guides and angels. You have listened to inspiration or advice from your fellow travellers on this plane – your parents and friends, your teachers.

Some of you have even examined the teachings of the opposing “dark side” which has only reinforced your precipitation towards the truth. Some have continued learning when lessons were over, outside of the classroom, even when confronted by strong opposition or by overwhelmingly detrimental circumstances. You have continued learning and adapting your knowledge, ever more aligned with DIVINE TRUTH, despite everything going on around you, despite all distractions.

Some of you have not looked ahead towards the examination. It fell out of your focus. While it is necessary to relax and enjoy and appreciate, it is not your life purpose to languish and amuse yourselves with pointless or even harmful distractions. Nor is it your destiny to fall into lethargy, completing only those tasks which are absolutely necessary, responding only to outward pressures of force, doing the minimum instead of creating new exciting perspectives and engaging your boundless energy simultaneously. Your goal is not to play eternally, but to build and assist others on their journey, WHICH IS ALSO YOUR JOURNEY, AS YOU ARE ALL PART OF EACH OTHER.


Some of you are physically prepared. Your pencils are sharpened. Your watches are set. You are ready to give your all. Others have been so distracted - having forgotten the importance of this occasion - that they have forgotten essentials in their rush to get here on time. Yet others do not arrive, as they have long since lost the piece of paper which states WHERE AND WHEN THE EXAMINATION WILL TAKE PLACE. There are those who know the time, having heeded the 2000 year-old warning of ancient prophets, or the more recent warnings and announcements of more recent and even contemporary messengers. There are others who have received letters but never opened them. For those ones, the sudden revelation that the GLOBAL EXAMINATION has taken place without their prior knowledge and without their conscious participation will lead to disbelief and shock.

Those who have learnt their lessons, driven by an ever-increasing and constant desire to deepen knowledge of themselves and the workings of the DIVINE in all our lives, on the path to harmony and peace, will pass the examination with flying colours. Such is their disposition that they will qualify to take on new positions of responsibility in the NEW EARTH which follows on from the GLOBAL EXAMINATION.

Those whose learning capacity is slower will enter other schools where the pace of teaching is also slower. The lessons will be repeated, in the hope of better assimilation this time around. For some, this may be the third or fourth time around, or more. And there are even those who opt out of LIFE SCHOOL permanently, or whose task here is complete.

Whatever happens in the near future, Beloved Children, know that you are all – whether you stay here or not – loved by our DIVINE CREATOR. He/She wishes nothing more than the most suitable environment for your future learning – somewhere where you feel AT HOME and progress IN WONDER at the workings of the DIVINE MIND WE ALL BELONG TO, AND WHICH IS THE SUM OF ALL PARTS.

In this sense, those who are gone ARE NOT GONE. THOSE WHO SEEMINGLY DEPART HAVE NOT DEPARTED. While this may have the semblance of a GREAT IRREVOCABLE SEPARATION, it is MERELY EXPLORATION OF ALTERNATIVE ROUTES TO THE SAME DESTINATION. We ask you all for your courage and compassion towards your sisters and brethren in the days ahead. Love Seraphin.

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