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Message Subject Seraphin thru Rosie
Poster Handle ALL IS ONE IS ALL
Post Content
So how does this work?
 Quoting: ~THE IRANIAN~

Telepathy. Rosie writes them down as they come thru from Seraphin..

And this Seraphin being, what dimension is it from? Is it an alien, Djinn, Demon?
 Quoting: ~THE IRANIAN~

Maybe I add some commentary... those "aliens " here are all .. to the last one God serving.. Dark shits don't fly the universe.. the right to do so is EARNED. There is a mix of folks in and around our solar system on MILLIONS OF CRAFT here for all sorts of reasons... to aid evacuation and such if and as needed... some evacuate people to temporary safety during such as massive earthquakes... Lots of craft were filmed in fact as an example... during the huge quake that hit Japan those several years ago.. and the big quake on Haiti...

They rescue and then put back without the memory and many of these can thus not understand HOW they survived.

Craft are both from other planets high in spiritual development and the worlds of Heaven...there are a billion worlds in the Central Universe of Havona alone.. and many others in each and every universe... there are a few hundred.. I once wrote it down.. the numbers just here in our Local Sector called Nebadon under the rule of Christ Jesus of Nebadon... and will more in each superuniverse which has 100,000 Local sector universes...

Nebadon out of 700,000 Universes.. some very old and some just forming... is number 611,121.. and thus a bit younger in the scheme of things...having 611, 120 come into being before it.

THANKS IRANIAN for your visit here. Hope this helps some.

I know you are any ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF THE FATHER.. It shows in your work here which I do follow ...Love to you 2Thankyou 2

And this is my picture.


EDITING to add I did not see your other post above... your question did provide opportunity. I am a bit familiar the islamic ideas of jinn.. etc.
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