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Message Subject Seraphin thru Rosie
Poster Handle ALL IS ONE IS ALL
Post Content
[link to crazybullshit.net]

Seraphin Message 400:

Through Rosie. 16th January 2020

Dear inhabitants of earth, incarnated in these auspicious times in order to experience great change and – in the aftermath – to exercise all your skills to pave the way to an era of complete peace.

Some people may balk at the word “complete”, but bear in mind that we use distinct vocabulary to jolt you out of specific mind-frames and to indicate potential. And thus it is with the title of today’s message. In fact, this scribe has been given this title for over a week now, and she has been mulling over in her mind WHAT IT COULD ACTUALLY MEAN. So now we would like to explain.

Conspiracies are presently “underfoot”. This means, as opposed to preceding years, that conspiracies are no longer hidden, but are now seeing the light of day, due to the combined efforts of people dedicated to their exposure, and due to the momentum of cosmic energy from outside your planet which contains “divine” information, thus exposing THAT WHICH IS NOT DIVINE. Thus, the forces which have so far kept these “conspiracies” under wraps are losing their grasp and their power to withhold.

Conspiracies are presently “underfoot”, whereas before they were concealed and contained, but now it is as if you are treading on ground covered with eggs, and with every step you may crush them open, making a “mess” FOR ALL TO SEE. In the end, the ground will be strewn with so many “eggs” that they will be impossible to overlook, and also impossible to avoid. Nothing will be able to save you from navigating this obstacle course; it is best to do so with one hand holding the hand of the DIVINE, for this path of learning is a DIVINE PATH which cannot be refuted if you wish to progress.

What are these “conspiracies”? They have been so-named by your controllers who thereby attempt to draw your serious attention away from same. When they lie around everywhere, fully exposed, you will see that most everything vehemently labeled a “conspiracy theory” will actually be THE TRUTH.

What will happen when all is exposed? When that which seems harmless turns out to be poison? When those who seem angelic turn into monsters? When those accused of lying turn into heroes? Do you think that they were unaware of the possibility of this happening? Do you think that they had so little foresight? Do you think that the majority will simply admit to their gross crimes? Some may do so, but you can be sure that there are many very hardened individuals who will never admit their guilt, who will never surrender, and who prefer a violent end to facing up to their considerable misdeeds. Thus, you can be sure that they will shoot back with whatever “ammunition” they have at their disposal.

This will cause physical and emotional distress, yet they are not the only ones who hold their “ammunition” at the ready in these fragile times. THE DIVINE ALWAYS WINS, though it may hold back temporarily in order to let the dominos fall, in order to enable FULL BLOWN EXPOSURE. Then it will be clear to all with eyes to see that DIVINE AMMUNITION IS REQUIRED.

Divine “ammunition” is not violent or unjust. It is a means to facilitate closure. It is an adjudication process based on facts, and those facts are the motivations, choices and actions of each individual.

We hope we have been able to clarify the situation somewhat for those who “wait in the wings”, eager to begin the reconstruction process, once everything has played out. This is the END GAME, and there is a time limit, as in your popular sports games.

Make use of your “interval” or “preparation time”, and make plans concerning how you aim to contribute to the new era which is on the horizon. We thank you for your attention, Seraphin.

AH  2 I assume my website will again show as crazybullshit . net.. it is of course NOT that... the image here will guide you to it. Then find Rosie in the left menu if you want to explore more.. Googling the title of the above piece will also provide it. CM ressponsibili
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