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Message Subject Seraphin thru Rosie
Poster Handle ALL IS ONE IS ALL
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Through Rosie. 23rd January, 2020

At this time of chaos, confusion, corruption, devastation and – most of all – twists and turns which leave you exhausted and breathless as you try to keep up with events – WE ASK YOU THE ULTIMATE QUESTION:

Beloveds, ARE YOU TRAVELLING IN A STRIGHT LINE? For some people, this is, by now, an irrelevant question, BECAUSE THEY DO NOT KNOW THAT THEY ARE TRAVELLING AT ALL. These are the so-called “hopeless cases”. (Yet in another place and circumstance, hope will be revived).

What is meant by “travelling”? It concerns moving from A to B, not in a physical way, but on a learning scale. In order to learn, the prerequisite is an eager, open and curious mind, coupled with a READINESS TO DISCARD THAT WHICH IS OLD, SO THAT ONE CAN MOVE ON TO WHAT IS NEW.

The majority of people on your planet are unfamiliar with this concept. They think they can STAY IN ONE PLACE AND NOT MOVE AT ALL. Thus, no soul growth is achieved. Thus are they completely paralysed, hindering the paths of others, for all others are slowed down by this, reflected in the saying WHERE WE GO ONE WE GO ALL. A group (as we have said before) always moves at the pace of the slowest in the group – a principle practiced by conscientious mountain climbers who are in charge of a group. As on a physical level, so on the mental level: BACKWARD THOUGHTS, SUPERSTITIONS, AND ANY OPPOSITION TO THE LAW OF ONE, will and does hamper spiritual progress on earth.

If this continues, destruction OF ALL will be the result. Thus, separation is required: there is a steadily increasing group of blockers, and there is a steadily increasing group of facilitators, because more and more people are being forced to “get off the fence”. In the end, everyone will be in one of these two groups.

So, are you travelling at all, and if so, are you travelling in a straight line, in accordance with the laws of creation, doing the good to others which you wish to receive yourselves? Or is your path WINDING ERRONEOUSLY IN THE WRONG DIRECTION. That is to say: do you deviate, do you dawdle, are you distracted, are you easily misled, are you lazy, are you overwhelmed or dispirited? Are you accelerating demise or promoting glory?

You may think that we are overdoing this, but consider that if you are in a ship, and if you set a course to your destination, you will never arrive if you are but one degree “off course”.

The question ARE YOU TRAVELLING IN A STRAIGHT LINE could be formulated differently. We could have said ARE YOU TRAVELLING AS LIGHT DOES, as this has exactly the same meaning. Light travels in an UNFAILINGLY STRAIGHT LINE, STOPPING AT NOTHING, TAKING NO DEVIATIONS. If an obstacle blocks its path, the light does not turn away, or move aside, or come back to try again another day. No. IT SHINES UNDETERRED ONTO THE OBSTACLE. Light is bright, direct, constant and penetrating. Are you these? What qualities do you manifest on this, your most important journey?

We ask you at this final and significant stage to TRAVEL AS LIGHT. In fact, we ask you to BE LIGHT, piercing the shadows and illuminating shady corners as well as bringing constant hope to those who are afraid, who are seriously challenged by events taking place, and who crumble in the face of radical change. We thank you, Seraphin


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cosmic Christ
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