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Message Subject Seraphin thru Rosie
Poster Handle ALL IS ONE IS ALL
Post Content
A little comment from the title of this post above..


The Sacred Marriage is where a being fusie with the INDWELLING FATHER... the HUMAN being arises from the MOTHER.. the INFINITE Spirit and as the life eternal is begun spends a long time in spiritual growth and learning.

Prior to FUSION... you are a Faith Son of the Father Divine Spirit within over those long times.. AFTER FUSION after the long education.. YOU ARE AN ACTUAL SON OF THE FATHER and AND are given then YOUR CELESTIAL NAME.. which is where being written into the BOOK OF LIFE... MEANS... My ETERNAL NAME is KAN DAEK.

Those of you that know me as Candace... will my mother was seeded to give me that name.. as quite similar to KAN DAEK...

Always once your Father Fragment.. Thought Adjust.. divine spirit within by various names arrives.. you are at that time an ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF THE FATHER.. for no one is LIKE YOU... ONLY BEGOTTEN SON IS UNIQUE...

Many of you here on earth maturing here.. during the Magnetic Reversal.. will BECOME FULLY ETERNAL.. never to look back. Thus the gift of your eternal cosmic name which is written again in the Book of LIFE. ETERNAL LIFE BELOVEDS... I know of what I speak.. been there and done that!!!! And after all the getting to that point.. the adventure really grow.

with love KAN DAEK.
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