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Message Subject Seraphin thru Rosie
Poster Handle ALL IS ONE IS ALL
Post Content
[link to crazybullshit.net]


Through Rosie 16th March 2015

A huge light is coming, dearest children on earth, and we ask you – the receivers – how you are actually going to RECEIVE. Consider a roll of film, as yet untarnished and unexposed, sacredly held in darkness until the one blinding second when the light is let in. It is pristine and thus all absorbing and will produce a perfect replica of the original.

To receive the light, the receptors need to be clear. Your senses need to be sharpened. You must be awake. If your senses are dulled, if you feel more dead than alive, this means that your pores are blocked with emotional debris of your own making. It this is so, the light cannot fill or enter. It is very pervasive, but it will not pervade you without YOUR WILL, so you yourself must be perfectly clear about your intention to receive clearly, to allow unclean corners to be looked at, to allow the torrent of water to clean, to allow a thousand brushes to sweep the floor. This is, as we have said before, GETTING YOUR MENTAL HOUSES IN ORDER.

You will be overwhelmed by the sharpness of this edge, by the sound of its approach, by the way EVERYTHING IN ITS PATH IS TOUCHED IN AN INSTANT. It will do no good to refuse, to freeze, to push away, to feel weak, to say NOT TODAY PLEASE, for it cannot be stopped. You cannot say WAIT A MOMENT – THERE’S SOMETHING I STILL HAVE TO DO or WAIT - THERE IS SOMETHING I HAVE FORGOTTEN. Remember NOW to tie up loose ends, TO IMPROVE, TO APOLOGISE WHERE DUE, TO SAY “I LOVE YOU” TO EVERYONE YOU MEET, FOR THIS IS THE IDEAL; TO SAY “I LOVE YOU” to the light which comes.

Know that to crumble in weakness will not help. You will have to address it. Welcome it in like a long-lost friend, for this is indeed what it is – something which you have collectively LOST LONG AGO. Those who have retained subconscious memories will REMEMBER and experience the full glory. There are those who have forgotten that they have already had access.

To have previous ideas about the light will not be beneficial. When it arrives you might say OH – BUT THIS IS NOT WHAT I EXPECTED or OH – I DON’T KNOW IF I CAN DEAL WITH THAT. The truth is that there will be NO TIME TO THINK ANYTHING. Your decision to allow or not to allow entry will depend on a split-second reaction. If you are pre-meditated or dithering or uncertain in your decisions and directions, this will cause you grief. There is no place for indecision. Flexibility is required. If your life has so far been a straight line, you may find yourself turning in circles. Or you may try and resist. If you have already experienced “ecstasy”, then this may again be yours. If you have already had access to other levels of consciousness, then this will catapult you into a completely new space, IF YOU CAN LET GO OF THE OLD.


For the light is at hand.

You have forgotten how to play, Beloveds, to experiment and have fun with the new. You have forgotten the joy of interaction and laughter. Many of you have been enclosed in a self-made prison, and now you will be able to FREE YOURSELVES, removing every brick and holding them once more in your hands, understanding what it is and why you put it there, before you release it forever.

So how will you greet the light? Will you turn your face towards it, or will you turn away? Will you sense it coming or are you already on sensory overload? Will you offer it a warm welcome or a cold shoulder? Can you hear it whispering or are you surrounded by noise? Will you be in a state of relaxation when it arrives, or will it simply serve to increase the level of your personal state of stress? We strongly recommend that you use soothing MUSIC to work through this period. This will help you to process what is happening.

If you are offered LOVE, CAN YOU RECEIVE IT? When you clearly see open arms in front of you, waiting for your embrace, can you move towards them, or are you sitting there with crossed legs and crossed arms - a sure sign that you are putting up a barrier against what is on the other side of you. But does there need to be an “other side”? If you yourself are impregnated with the love force, this will not be difficult and there will be no barrier. It will simply be a merging of similar energies. Rise to this. And when you have realised that you YOURSELF can be the equal of love, YOU CAN OPEN YOUR ARMS AND EMIT THIS ENERGY ALSO. KNOW THAT YOU CAN BE THIS SOURCE, SPREADING EVER MORE INTENSE LIGHT ACCORDING TO THE EVER-INCREASING INTENSITY OF THE LOVE YOU EMBRACE.

Ask yourself: how does your closed mind close you off from new experiences, new opportunities and new loves? What is your choice: to remain restricted in a small safe space or to expand to the very perimeters of the universe beyond your tiny spinning planet? Can you stand on tiptoe and tread lightly, or do you drag your feet, regretting deeply the move away from your past? This is the time to LET GO OF ALL, including things which you have WORKED SO HARD FOR. If it does not fit into the divine plan, of which the DIVINE PLAN FOR YOURSELF IS AN INTEGRAL PART, then you will have to let it go. We know this will be hard, like walking away from your home and belongings, carrying nothing but YOUR HEART. Thus will you learn that your skills, your communication ability, your flexibility and your creativity are worth ALL THE GOLD IN THE WORLD.

Do not invest in material goods. Invest in yourselves, for you are precious carriers of divine works. Your task is not to show off what you have, but to show what you are – carriers of wisdom, caskets of creativity, plethoras of positive energy, magicians of flexibility, masters of using opportunity, but most of all, kings and queens of COMPASSION.

Let your relationships be gentle. Realise the harshness of your words and ALWAYS CONSIDER HOW YOUR RECEIVERS WILL RECEIVE THEM. Use your words well.

Do you think it is your purpose to wander through life as proud and separate beings, insisting on your point of view, stepping away from dross, keeping well beyond the perimeters of pain and from the relationships which could break your heart? HOW ARE YOU GOING TO LEARN, Beloveds, if you keep yourselves inside yourselves? Rejoice, dance, approach, turn on the music and see where it takes you. Go beyond all you ever thought possible. Approach someone you have been avoiding and say I LOVE YOU. TAKE THEIR HAND AND EXPERIENCE BEING TOGETHER. THIS IS THE ESSENCE OF YOUR LEARNING EXPEREINCE ON EARTH.

The waves of revelation will continue, one after another, even when you thought that nothing more could come, when you thought that the pinnacle had been reached. There are no final pinnacles, Beloveds, just a never-ending journey walking into the arms of the DIVINE.

consult divine wGrow
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