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Message Subject Seraphin thru Rosie
Poster Handle ALL IS ONE IS ALL
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[link to crazybullshit.net]

Seraphin Message 194:



The time will come when it will become painfully clear to all of you that you have indulged in cases of MISTAKEN IDENTITY on a massive scale. This applies to several areas. First of all, consider the vast array of human beings on your planet, not only in appearance (which is staggering in itself, as you are all UNIQUE CHILDREN OF THE DIVINE), but also the vastly different mind-sets you carry and the different life experiences you have created in vastly different settings.

If you were constantly aware of this, then your every encounter with another human being would be a HUGE ADVENTURE OF DISCOVERY. But no: for the most time, you judge after a brief glance, putting him or her into a mental box, labelling them and identifying them as THIS or THAT before the first exchange even takes place. Instead you stare glassy-eyed into the middle distance. This is nothing short of BARBARIC BEHAVIOUR when viewed by beings of greater sensitivity residing on more spiritually advanced planets.

Only if the person you meet is strongly affected by emotion or in some sort of visible need is it sometimes enough to break you out of this icy stance. We foretell a time where this need and these strong emotions of fear, sadness and anger will CONSTANTLY BE LYING ON THE SURFACE, AND THAT THEY WILL BE UNAVOIDABLE. YOU WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO OVERLOOK THEM OR TURN A “BLIND EYE”. And you yourselves, in the throes of your own trauma, will attract the attention of others. Thus will all be transparent, and you will inevitably come to the conclusion that you have constructed for yourselves many cases of MISTAKEN IDENTITY.

Those who seemed shy and retiring may step bravely into the limelight. Those who seemed tired and inactive may turn into heroes. Those who showered others with favours or those in high, dominating positions may cower and plead. These changes will be massive and fluctuating. You will not only have to revise yourselves and track your own emotions and reactions, but also track those around you. It will resemble an ever-fluctuating sea, with high and low tides, with calms and storms. Some waves may crush you. Others may lift you.

You who know in advance of the dire situation on this planet and who are wary of its diverse causes will be better prepared but not exempt from these necessary revisions of your perceptions. You must be ever at the ready to spot new areas of strife and new areas of potential and search for solutions accordingly.

Your concept of your earth’s identity will similarly change. You will learn about her real history and her real position in the universe as opposed to the suggestion of autonomous and unique isolation. Special she is, but you shall have to swallow your arrogant view that you are the only inhabited orb in the universe. In this also, you have been grossly mistaken.

But perhaps the greatest case of mistaken identity is your failure to recognise YOURSELVES AS EMMISARIES OF THE DIVINE. Your destiny is not to sit comfortably in some stagnant pool, watching time go by, but to actively provide IMPETUS FOR CHANGE to improve whatever possible in your particular area of expertise. These gifts you must DISCOVER IN YOURSELVES AND DEVELOP ACCORDINGLY. You will see extra assistance being provided to nurture your qualities. Some of this will ensue from extra-terrestrial helpers who have either been observing the planet up to this point, or from those of other origin who walk the planet already, unbeknown to yourselves, and who will reveal themselves at the appropriate time (another case of mistaken identity on your part, as you will see).

And what will be the purpose of so many revealed “mistakes”, Beloveds? Nothing but to provide you with an immense opportunity to GROW IN FANTASTIC LEAPS AND BOUNDS. Identities of the sort you have harboured or imagined or assigned WILL HAVE TO FALL. Appreciation will be shown for GREAT MERIT AND SERVICE alone. Titles shall only be given to those who have visibly earned them. We look forward with great excitement to see you enter this new stage on earth. May we all work together in COSMIC BROTHERHOOD. Seraphin.

KD... and this painful time is here.. Called COVID 19... which is NOT the virus.. just the name of plan.

gratitude of ear
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