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Iran is Next (Marker) 04-24-2018

Indiana Jones
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04/02/2020 11:02 AM
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Iran is Next (Marker) 04-24-2018

020201. DoD-owned Establishment

A “DoD-owned establishment” for the purpose of this chapter is any DoD-owned and operated activity (that is, not contractor owned or operated). Such activities include working capital fund activities; other revolving fund activities; and those appropriated fund activities engaged in reimbursable operations that reasonably are not severable into fiscal year segments and where such operations can be forecasted with reasonable accuracy. Examples of such activities include: Equipment overhaul or maintenance shops, manufacturing or processing plants or shops, research-and-development laboratories, computer software design activities, testing facilities, proving grounds owned and operated by the Department, and engineering and construction activities.

020202. Contractual Relationship and Commercial Contracts

Terms such as “contractual relationship,” and “commercial contracts,” are used to indicate the close relationship between project orders and commercial contracts in the particular circumstances involved. The use of these and similar terms neither must be construed as requiring project orders to be subject to the provisions of the Federal Acquisition Regulation nor as imposing upon the parties to a project order agreement, responsibilities (legal or otherwise) not provided for in this chapter.
2BDoD 7000.14-R Financial Management Regulation Volume 11A, Chapter 2
* January 2018

020203. Allotment

The term “allotment” includes approved operating budgets for the operation of the U.S. Armed Forces.

020204. Approved Projects

As used in the referenced authority, the term “approved projects” simply refers to projects approved by officials having legal authority to do so.
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