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Q peeps pushing buttons: (CNN) QAnon. Ever heard of it?

mr. jingles
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04/02/2020 03:51 PM
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Q peeps pushing buttons: (CNN) QAnon. Ever heard of it?
If you're like most Americans, the answer to that question is "no." In fact, fully three quarters (76%) of Americans said they had never heard of the broad-scale, internet-based conspiracy group in new Pew polling. One in 5 people said they had heard "a little" about the QAnon movement while 3% said they had heard "a lot."


So they make an article talking about how no one knows of them.... but now more people will know because they made this article?

Then discredit just to make sure you dont go looking. Orange man bad? Lol

Whats yalls thoughts?

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mr. jingles