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Message Subject How has the coronavirus affected your job?
Poster Handle Only Me
Post Content
I just got furloughed, and I wasn't expecting it. I type medical reports, so I thought if anything, I'd have more work than I could handle. Turns out that's not the case. No end date was provided to me, so I have no clue how long this will last.

I'm freaking out. I have no clue what will happen to me long-term. I'll be okay for maybe a month, two at most, and that is just barely scraping with bare necessities.

I thought I'd poll you guys and see how you're all faring.
 Quoting: Only Me

I am a supervisor with a major health insurance company. We are second to Blue Cross Blue Shield. I was working at home for a year now. I am the one who deals with angry patients and doctors. I try to de-escalate them and resolve complex issues with Prior Authorizations, appeals, claims, and finding medical equipment. I am usually SWAMPED with work and phone calls.

The last 2 weeks, I am lucky if I get one call every one to two hours.

There are no prior authorization problems because all elective surgeries are cancelled till further notice at most facilities across the country.

No claims problems bcuz no one is going to get their regular treatment and going for doctors visits due to the virus.

There is no business going on in health industry right now, except coronavirus and we have a special team set up right now just for coronavirus so I don’t get those calls either.

Business is extremely SLOW in the healthcare field for anything BUT coronavirus.

I am sorry you got temporarily laid off. There just isn’t much work for us right now. But it will pick up again.

 Quoting: Psalm119

Thank you for that detailed response :)

I am hoping things pick up soon. We'll all get through this just fine, I just know it!
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