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Message Subject (Fictional Scenario) PAY ATTENTION... the TRAP is SET... this is the BAIT.
Poster Handle Covid Joker
Post Content
None of it matters, if you have faith in God Almighty.

You don't take their money or ID. Don't participate in an evil system. IF this is truly coming down the road, then simply don't participate. For if you do, you are supporting a very wicked "MAN-MADE" system. The act and thoughts to support such a wicked system is the Mark of the Beast in itself, not a chip, tattoo, or barcode that may be part of such a system. You can be tattooed head to toe with 666, but if you do not support it, then you do not have the Mark of the Beast. It is what you do, what you say, your thoughts, and what you support through your actions.

This is going to divide those that truly have faith and power in the Lord from those that are just hypocrites and playing church.

If you have the Seal of the Living God, meaning knowing the Truth, you have nothing to fear. God is your shield. He will protect his own. ALWAYS! But you must have faith and never ever doubt the Lord. You must be willing to die for the Lord and step off that cliff and into His arms to hold you up.

The time is almost at hand. The sons and daughters of the Lord will stand for God. The Antichrist will arrive on Earth with his fallen angels very soon.

Time is short.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78360655

Yup. The time is coming.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 56563724

The time has come for Vladimir's wife to find a new husband.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77457536

Beat it Pest... you're cluttering up the thread with your immature attention seeking.
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