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Message Subject They knew when to release the information about the virus for maximum effect. First back channels to GLP and the like, then normies.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If you wanted to cause real panic first you would plant the seeds of this terrible virus to those that research such matters like GLP and other sites. Knowing this seems different you tell friends and family planting the seeds in their mind. They write you off as crazy until......a couple months later and it starts going mainstream. The normies start thinking OH shit, this is real! The narrative has been set and now it's just a matter of timing of releasing the right photos, vids, and "data". Now GLPers, the original investigators start to notice holes in this mainstream data, but not enough to completely dismiss the whole thing. More circumstantial evidence mounts that something more is afoot. It's too late because the normies are too focused on this virus and the plans go accordingly.

Now the question remains, what's next?

Global one world government, WWIII, or outside global catastrophe?

I'm proud of you that have been able to cut throu the fear. With that said it is not a nothing burger, but a something sandwich.
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"Invisible Enemy"
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