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Subject How many people die in NYC everyday based on 2015 stat 1 every 9 minutes
Poster Handle psyoptics
Post Content
[link to www1.nyc.gov (secure)]

New York 1 in the main local news station for NYC.

Here are many stats from 2015 population things like that...
also the daily death rate
1 person dies ever 9.1 minutes in NYC

birth rate someone is born every 4.4 minutes.

Agin this in based from 2015 stats.

Average day in NYC back in 2015

158.2 people died every day.

just some truth.

NYC now test all deaths for the virus....they will be listed under a virus death if they test positive after death...even if they were brought in with a major trauma and die

The chances if a patient becoming infected while being treated are about 100%.

So we are running on average to slightly above average city wide.

56,334 people died in the year 2015.........but we shut down the city because of 4,000 over 2 months????????

What is really happening, what is going on here.
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