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Message Subject THE "ruling ELITE" those who know the truth! Illuminati...
Poster Handle Oleg
Post Content
i'm joking, though i doubt you are. tell me, how would this advanced intelligence know more than you, though not know what, .. instead YOU know.. is beneficial to their own form of existance?

i see people claim this sort of outrageous shit all the damn time, like y'all really did develope a nerve instead of a spine huh..

The old saying goes and says: "There is no smoke without fire!" Therefore, in our reality, all fantastic witches are almost 80-90% real. this is the preparation of a person to understand the new world and new Higher beings. through movies and media, "THEY" prepare us for a new awareness of the world and ourselves! us! Many people like you and me have already realized this! Now the transformation is that WE believe in ourselves and in our inner-our soul! To then develop and realize the world to others. there are many different creatures in the Universe and many different forms of life. We must now realize this! The global cataclysm and crisis is the path to human transformation!!! As a new individual and a new "PERSON" - conscious not negative and stupid, but knowing the world with a different form of life and the laws of the Universe.

"THEY" for this here is a catalyst for our development. They need help so that we do not think less about negativity and live fairly. helped others, ACTED. did not sit at home. but they lived actively with pure thoughts and deeds - then THEY will leave. the world will be only ours. All the famous politicians and businessmen, show business - it's just like entertainment and noise.
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