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truth being revealed every day ... did you know the spanish flu ???

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 78216537
United States
04/09/2020 03:20 PM
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truth being revealed every day ... did you know the spanish flu ???
did not come from spain but Kansas fort riley the culprit a vaccine !!! why spain gets the press because it did not participate in ww1. it was one of the few countries that did not censor the press at the time. nothing we learned in school is true nothing the same rich ass holes at the center of it all bill gates carry himself like Damien thorn. now what tptb going to do the numbers are not scary enough like the purge movie they will have to step in to really create fear and death because right now no one wants a vaccine who are in their right mind. all of a sudden black folks who blew it off now are the rising victims yeah right . it takes two weeks for a toxicology report so think of that when they announce another death by corona. they have to commit murder them selves to bring the numbers up to ramp up the fear keep a ear to the ground may god be with you.