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Massive spike in deaths coming to the US/

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United States
04/10/2020 12:31 PM
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Massive spike in deaths coming to the US/
I don't think we are opening back up any time soon...

So far, 40% of confirmed cases in the United States have resolved in death.

Coronavirus Cases:

17,907 + 26,094 = 44001

17,907 / 44001 = 0.4069680234540124 x 100 = 40.6%

477,944 x .406 = 194,508

Coronavirus Cases:
Cases which had an outcome:
Recovered / Discharged
369,017 (79%)
100,154 (21%)

Even if we even out with the World Wide statistic of 21% of resolved cases end in death we're looking at minimum 100,368 total CoViD 19 deaths in the US alone. And that is strictly using confirmed cases for this moment in time. There will surely be many times more cases than this before this is all over and 100,000 deaths is the BEST case scenario. Even if we increase testing, that hard body count remains the same.

It takes up to 3 weeks on a ventilator before patients die, with 477,944 confirmed cases as of today, we should expect somewhere around 82,000 deaths in the next few weeks from CoViD alone.