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Message Subject I believe we will be going to war with China soon now as things are starting to heat up.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I want a pound of flesh too but nuketards don't think of the consequences...they don't think that China is going to sit idly by while we're "glassing" them?....the globalism reality now is we are joined at the hips....until separation surgery is performed, what hurts one will hurt the other....

But watching things go BOOM satisfies a juvenile need tho....

Make China a global pariah, systematically dismantle the beast that we help create.....move jobs back, that would hurt China AND help the USA in the long run....

Does Americans have the discipline to stop doing business with China? or is the shiny red button the easy way out?
 Quoting: peterpeccary

China has 300 nukes, with 15 MIRVs each, they have a tiny nuclear arsenal, plus we have missle defence systems.

Most of the Chinese missles will be shot out of the sky, and I am ok with LA or San Fran taking a nuke if it means China gets glassed.
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