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Message Subject Comrade De Blasio’s Snitch Line Inundated with Dick Pics, Hitler Memes and People Flipping Him the Bird
Poster Handle The Lone Ranger NZ
Post Content
loltlr4......WAY TO FUKKEN GO PEOPLE!!

Obviously many people DO NOT want to be living under NAZI Germany style or COMMUNIST style regime tactics that encourage you to willingly spy on your neighbours etc for your government/state/or local authorities.

They set up the same "hotline" bullshit here in New Zealand to encourage people to "snitch" on those that they think are "breaking" the government ordered "lockdown" rules.

I never ever thought I would see this type of thing in my life time well now I have.

We too have a dear Comrade leading this COVID-19 "lockdown" Charade.....Prime Minister Comrade Ardern..........bushfing
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