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this message is for the ones who rule the world, control the matrix or run the show:

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04/22/2020 03:23 PM

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this message is for the ones who rule the world, control the matrix or run the show:
i know that GLP is that powerful
so pleas someone tell the ones who make fate, control luck, manipulate the matrix and puppeteer people to make me rich and secure very soon and for the rest of mt life

i can't and i will not ever be able to become rich or stop being forcefully mentally/emotionally corrupted by my own
and i can't and i will not ever be able to marry without any kind of security or any good steady stable income
to stop the corruption i must to get out of hell and to get out of hell i must marry and to marry i must be rich and secured and to be rich and secured i need magic powers that i can defend my wife with and i need really big secured financial help from luck/fate/gods/the ones who rule the world, control the matrix or run the show so that i can support my wife with
anything else is just silly bullshit that will not happens

i promise i will do anything they want me to do
i will forgive and even love most people
i will not try to destroy humanity again
i will do, think and say only what i and they both agree to see as good things
i will help them with my magic as possible

but i will not be someone else that is not me or do things i may consider evil or corrupted or worship the enemy god/s or forgive people who harmed/threatens me the most, there are limits to what i can sacrifice
and know that every day that i lose from my life while i am in hell will make me angrier and more desperate and when i get desperate and angry everyone will lose not just me

i tried to find decent job but i can't
not because i am unskilled, overambitious, mentally ill, immoral, gay, evil, a child or a woman like what humans say about me
but mostly because:

1-i am cancerian man and people now give jobs to women or to the ones who operate on the frequencies of fire/air zodiac signs only

2-Egypt now are religious-liberal, while i am nonreligious-conservative, this is mostly why everyone her either hate me and consider me their enemy and refuse to deal with me or despise me and consider me mentally ill idiot that lacks any manhood and humanity and that they have the right to scam

3-my luck are usually one of the worst, it is like that fate and god/s are conspiring against me

4-also there are some god, hive-mind or powerful cult that read my mind, consider me it's enemy, change the world to be against my will, attack me psychologically, control people to make them hate me and it seems that they have magically cursed me to look mutated like a vampire in the eyes of people and get filled with all kinds and degrees of corruption if i ever watched any straight porn if it have any little corruption in it
they treat this insignificant thing that harm no one and that the hell i live in force me to do it as a huge horrible crime/sin that i must either stop it now or they will throw me in even lower degree of hell

5-i do not have the exaggeratedly huge set of skills and work experience they require in Egypt to give me a decent job

6-i live in a small city where there are no many jobs and they left me no money to start my own business or even to travel and live in a big city that may have more job opportunities

7-i am not arrogant but i believe that i am Noble and honorable and i have too much dignity and pride to go beg people to give me a chance to serve them and work for them i also not the type that can ever take risks to invest in anything if i ever have money, also a lot in Egypt hate and despise me and these people will stop or ruin any deal i try to do

8-also i am the introvert, rebellious, sensitive, emotional, home/peace/sex/Pleasure loving hedonist type of human! not the hard working unemotional Stolid robot who are programed to do what family/authority/society/religion say it is right whatever painful it was
or the predatory animal type who enjoy work, competition, fights and the struggle to win
someone like me need a helpful -real non-feminist/matriarch- communist, socialist, mixed economy or even cabitalst government that make governmental internet site to offer me a descent governmental jobs that gives me a stable income even if it was little compared with the income of privet economy employees or business men/investors have so i can marry and be financially/emotionally secured
like the many internet sites that the good America offered to it's good people
but Egypt now is extremely too capitalist, Islamic, feminist, tyrannical/dictatorial and Bureaucratic to do such thing

9-the Egyptian people and their goverment are extreamly too feminist to such degree they give pensions that worth hundreds of billions every year to women who do not work and who never worked before and to women that commit adultery instead of marring and they give most of the decent, well paid and leadership jobs only to women even if they where evil, immoral, unskilled, uneducated and stupid women
while they consider men like me a mentally ill handicapped garbage/nobodies that lacks any mind, manhood, strength or humanity and that is dangerous and liability to the society/goverment, this is why no one will ever agree to give me any decent job that someone like me deserve

the people who worked in my father cafeteria exploited some holes in the stupid Egyptian laws and the help they got from the Muslim brotherhood who work in the goverment to intimidate and scam my father until they forcefully take our cafeteria and it's land
then my family wanted to take my inheritance so they mostly poisoned my father and exploited that i know nothing about the inheritance to scam me and take most of it

and now i can't sell anything that i may still own
because i do not have sufficient legal ownership papers/contracts that enable me to sell anything that i own and i have no easy mean to get it or no means at all
the Muslim brotherhood burned the court that was storing my most important legal ownership papers/contracts and my liberal-Muslim family stole the rest from me
and i do not feel secure to sell anything since my country is filled with a lot of con-men and enemies of mine that can even read my mind, and since i have already been scammed three times and that was by my own father, family, brother and sister and they took most of that i have
also most people hate or despise me and do not want to buy anything from me

no one in Egypt really see me as man or even human they even used to rune a way if they saw me walking normal in the streets
nearly everyone everywhere refuse to see the hell am in and is blaming me or the world for everything wrong with me and with the world not my enemies

also i am alone against all this, i have no relative, no friend, no wife, no one who love or respect me and no one whom i can trust to stand with me

most of this look like punishment for me because i used chaos to remove hosni mubarak from power and/or because i used feminism/capitalism to remove the Muslim brotherhood from power and of-course for rebelling on the cursed motherfucker Allah
but back then i was with no experience, i even thought that i maybe a liberal/feminist, and Allah was a lot weaker than now

Last Edited by anwarfathy on 04/22/2020 03:27 PM
despite that i am the mortal enemy of Egypt but my nationality is Egyptian and i live in Egypt
sorry for the wall of text, but most of my threads are not about simple matters and i can't ignore details if i wanted to be accurate and truthful
a lot of what i say is just theories not beliefs so dont judge quickly and take what i say as decisions and if i was wrong about something correct me instead of insulting me
stop using intimidation, mental terrorism, mockery, bullshitting, psychological attacks, etc
anyone who blame me or the world instead of blaming Egyptians and my enemies is my enemy
all what i want is to become rich anything else is optional, i only choose the side that make me rich for the rest of my life and since no one made me rich yet then i did not chose any side yet
i dont give a fuck about what you call red karma, since karma is ruled by the evil planet Saturn=Satan and it only mean that Saturn/Satan hate me or that GLP hate me, and that is not necessary mean that i am bad or evil it could mean that i am right/good while GLP herd is the one that is wrong/evil