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Find a way to...

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User ID: 34101153
United States
04/24/2020 11:54 PM
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Find a way to...
... not perpetuate the divide. The polarization we're seeing is something we can overcome.

Let's all try to stop arguing over any and everything; believe it or not, it is not imperative that our opinion(s) be shouted from the roof-tops and acknowledged. It is ok to be keep our opinions to ourselves but allow them to still drive our actions without the imposition on others, this is where respect for others is born.

Live and let live- we're perilously close to a a point of no return and it's only us that can prevent it.

Be good, do good.

God Bless us all.


User ID: 77710024
United States
04/25/2020 12:14 AM

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Re: Find a way to...