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Message Subject Pyramid monument in Wyoming/ Exploring American Ruins
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Great thread!!!!

The mud floods is starting to gain more and more awareness. Something happened on this continent in the past, in our history that they have erased. Just like tartaria...poof

like so much of our history..rewritten or destoryed
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 71594995

Max Igan from TheCrowsNest! Great researcher! Haven't checked him out i over a year, but yeah - mudfloods, Tartaria, altered timelines & forgotten history. Another great resource to check out is Anatoly Fomenko. He wrote a multi-volume set of books exposing the alterations to European timelines. I keep meaning to buy the books, but there was some Russian chick (Sylvie Ivanova) who did a great video series on his work. NewEarth channel if I recall correctly.

Also look into Scaliger, the Jesuit historian who played a pivotal role in burying all this stuff. I think Jay Dyer or someone named Jay did a lot of research on the subject. Watched the videos a while back but my memory is hazy.
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