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Message Subject Pyramid monument in Wyoming/ Exploring American Ruins
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
AC: I went to your link but it's for the channel header. I picked a video the guy did that looks like a channel announcement to embed, but I'm having some technical issues embedding it for some reason. I'll check out the channel though ~ looks like an interesting body of work.
 Quoting: XeroGravity

There are a bunch of channels like that guy, who post stuff about interesting subjects, but then muddy up the facts so much with so much speculation, conjecture and sensationalism, that it almost seems like it's a psy-op to get people turned off to anything outside the mainstream.

Like it has a more underhanded agenda than simply click-bait.
 Quoting: Vision Thing

Yeah but y'know, I've studied occult & esoterica subjects for 20+ years... longer than that if you include my youth (but it was more of a passing interest). Sometimes, it's that oddball guy or gal who puts the pieces of the puzzle together in just the right way. I love beating the bushes to see what I can find. Sadly, the outlandish & far-out stuff is next on the chopping block to be censored by our overlords. They already took down a lot of stuff in the initial wave of purges (all the very best esoterica imo).
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