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Subject Back from my local ER in King county, WA
Poster Handle Lilac.Nights
Post Content
I went there with severe stomach pain yesterday morning.
The ER did:
1. blood/urine tests
2. EKG and blood test
3. ultrasound
4. monitoring of blood pressure, pulse and oxygen levels.

That's it! (I'm ok btw)

Ok, 2 things:

1. There was nobody in the ER. One nurse told me that barely 15 people a day come. Also, other ER's and hospitals in the area are calling them with the same complain: no people. I also learned that some people came just to get checked for covid, but they didn't have it.

2. on my discharge papers I found something very interesting in the "medications/orders placed in the ER department".
It lists all of the tests they did, one by one, ....and:

"Oxygen Therapy
04/30/20 09:46:00 PDT, Routine, Nasal Cannula, PRN, titrate to maintain SpO2 grater than or equal to 90% and less than or equal to 94%"

Why the H is this in my papers?
I was not on oxygen. Am I reading it correctly?
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