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Plunge Protection Team - Outed as Superheroes

User ID: 270990
09/14/2007 10:12 PM
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Plunge Protection Team - Outed as Superheroes
Plunge Protection Team - Outed as Superheros.
Reno, Nevada.

Today in a shock development, Wall Street was stunned as investors learned that the plunge protection team are actually Superheros from another dimmension.
The Plunge Protetion team is lead by Cydneeto - a 7 foot tall humanoid with pale skin with the power of levitation which he demonstrated to eager onlookers.
"We are here on this planet to stop the stockmarket going down. We have been observing your stocks from orbit and we must act now to preserve the investors, some of whom are aliens that need the money to build a vast spacefleet to liberate there homeworld from synthetic robots that have taken control."

The Plunge Protection Team evil Nemesis is Lyndon LaRouche - who they argue is actually a composite lifeform - remotely controlled from the 28th century by a group of religous zealots of the neptune colonial administration in exile on pluto.