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Message Subject QAnon: It's off, panic
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The whole thing was a stupid LARP from the beginning, designed to get patriots and angry conservatives to sit around and do nothing--waiting for the non-existent "white hats" inside the federal government to clean everything up for them.

I got bad news...the Federal government is full of nothing but globalist traitors and a few closet conservatives too attached to their perks to do anything. THE MILITARY?..EVEN WORSE, since Obama retired out anyone over a O-5/GS-13 with even an inkling of true patriotism in their background.

You've all been MASSIVELY PLAYED.

Face it.

Get angry.
[g]Get off your couch and DO SOMETHING!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77346607

I'm the inventor of Bitcoin...

I can't really speak for the whole "Q" thing. You're probably right about it being a FRAUD from the start...All I can tell you is there is a REAL Alliance operating behind the scenes...In reality, "Q" is probably just taking credit for OUR moves and acting as if they control the situation for their own Deep State overlords...That's how the Deep State operates...If a legitimate Resistance forms, they use their mechanisms in the media and alternative media to POSE as that Resistance...

WE are the REAL Alliance...That's why you don't see me on YouTube, and I constantly get BANNED from this forum. We're the REAL DEAL...

 Quoting: David Leakey 76170044

Well said, David. I'm the guy who put out the first two video documentaries on 911, wrote the first manuscript on the government faerie tale, and got A J from Austin interested in the topic during a "one-hour" guest appearance on his show that turned into three hours back in March '02.

Good to know ya.
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