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Message Subject QAnon: It's off, panic
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
But it’s habbening and every trump tweet is interdasting because of the grammatria . Jeez, can’t you get behind every ridiculous ‘decodes’ by GLP users who post their own twitter theories, decodes, guesses and other rubbish. Everyone is now an expert on Q and Keybored is in charge of the GLP Q narrative. Swig Heil!

I have watched the last six weeks go from children being rescued and held on ships, three or ten days of darkness, the bull shit about 4-10-20, the Easter miracles that were going to happen. Miracles being everything from global reset, mass arrests, start of eight hours per day of tribunals being broadcast, etc.

I have seen everything Q related be 100% WRONG that has been posted here and twitter by the usual circle jerk of Q experts, fuckwits, retards, rejects, know it alls, poorly educated idiots with big egos.

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THIS ^ ^ ^ ^
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