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05/03/2020 01:00 AM

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Starting from the chamber made directly resonant through entangled conveyance to a field most would call “the aura”; an amount of superstring-based, formative, pre-matter field parsed apart from the same “super-string-level” of the matter of the earth, its method of controls explained figuratively here:

An empty chamber two houses away, large enough to completely encapsulate a person who is six feet tall, is entangled to impact you. Through resonant field conveyance a wild animal placed in the chamber can thrash its way through the open space, and since the chamber has been made resonant to you, what that animal is thrashing apart can be “layers of you” -anything from the atomic structure of your body up, because your body is the field of all of existence concentrated to matter, with consciousness of the field concentrated to sentience as your body, and so is the wild animal, but the animal is now in the “same field” as your body.

-The individuated superstring field is how the physicality of people on Earth can be degraded seemingly from the inside, and large metal chambers the same size as in the example are housed in the billions aboard massive mechanical platforms, most of which are concealed in the atmospheres of gas giants. Each process of these platforms is designed to impact sentience, -propagating nefarious intent, and many optimize a managed, sub-physical field targeting of the region spanning from the head to below the hips, using resonant field conveyance and the individuated cocoon-like field.


Scaling control platforms to the planetary level, imagine a giant metal cocoon-like structure towering over the metal landscape of a massive space-bound object, and that massive cocoon made resonant in whole-field conveyance to the Earth- people are then able to pass “trans-dimensionally-not-trans-dimensionally”; across vast expanses of the solar system and potentially anywhere the built physical matter of the solar system is present, by disappearing from view. The ability is provided by the mechanically arranged, physically generated field:

Just as the individual chamber creates “some or part” of any measures of Weaponized Inter-Dimensional Space Time in gathered, body-specific “resonant superstring auras”, the massive skyscraper-height metal cocoon amasses a proportionately larger amount of superstrings- though it can be any amount to what is made resonant by the combined properties of frequencies running the the walls of both structures.

Imagine a physical sub-form, made as experience stored in cellular functions and at all levels of sentient awareness, “copied in transfer” to a stumpy being, lodged as if on a shelf at a target’s shoulder level in the individuated superstring field. The person will come to relive the biological processes of their past feelings at times that are completely foreign to current circumstance, and the condition can be triggered, by the stumpmy being, if those are the experiences its cells "live as".

If a person needs more “management” by these networks of controls, their individuated resonant field is connected by entangled conveyance through the outer shells of the metal chambers to the macroscale superstring field, and microscale field conditions come to formulate within the “machined Aura”, impacting corresponding sections of the body from top to bottom in the fields alone, without regard for anybody included in what one giant metal cocoon-tower can entangle.


Materials made of grown thin physical tissues, made solely to host bio-somatic current identical to what is present “as” the nervous system and the mitochondria of man’s physical cells, hangs in large swaths of light brown tinted thick sheets. The material is grown in segments between five different levels inside a super structure made resonant to the field accessed through entangled conveyance to the city-building scale cocoon.

Pairing the giant-scale cocoon field to the individuated field of a body, at the highest level sub-reality structure sourcing all control of the beast over the average person, is seen by most as a giant monster appearing to be made of orange-ish light brown flesh, with a head and all the features of a face.

The beast is the outer shell of the superstructure of hanging bio-somatic current, living tissue storage materials, parsed internally into layers: from the head to the shoulders; from the shoulders to the bottom of the sternum; from the bottom of the sternum to below the hips; from below the hips to below the knees, and from below the knees to the ground.

The large-scale cocoon delivers impacts through resonant field conveyance using the beast system to trigger instantaneous physical changes in the mechanical processes of cells and signals throughout the nervous system and brain; it is built to meet the objective of controlling masses of people as if they were puppets bound to invisible strings controlling the nervous system; the digestive system; the respiratory system; the circulatory system, -the entire body of anyone is made to function as entanglement to the beast network of controls subsumes the physiological, metabolic pathways of the body in all its cells, eventually leading to death. Until death, the system gradually grows steadily stronger in influence, secretly dictating life position and status for entire populations.


In the lore of evil orders, “the All” is a term for the people needed to be alive solely for the purpose of fueling Weaponized Interdimensional Space Time with all the sentient experience and intent needed before they die. At higher levels of these societies members regularly interface with “other realms” scattered throughout the solar system and galaxy, and at certain points of the space bound platforms, demons are generated by the confluence of the sentient will of victims dying repeatedly stored into a blackened medium combined with enough sentient direction and matter to make an individuated beings of evil bound to the flesh of their sub-physicality.

Demons are built up through trillions of lives lived under this system of rule, globally over millennia, and Aristocracy associated to the highest ranks of the enemy’s hierarchy, manage the populations of demons -be they sexual demons, built from the physical repeated action of intercourse expressed in cellular metabolized functions, or hunger/appetite demons, built from the same mass sample of collected individual cells used in the body’s digestive system, or anything imagined then created by specific tortures and ritualistic abuses -through the full capacities of all technologies described.

Victims and chosen alike have markers in their genetic codes; most Satanists are born into Satanism for every generation born after the first ancestor who became a Satanist. The Beast System as the amalgamated functions of these technologies, fields, and matter, secures the acts of members fueled by encouraging increasingly evil be demonstrated on their victims, from unseen, unknown sources believed to be Negative Deity-like presences naturally formulated from the facts of existence, while the system itself is mechanically and physically meters reward and punishment.

In terms of the Beast System, “Mark(s)” provide a physical ground within or near the physical body, like the stripes on credit cards or strips in currency, are made directly resonant in components of the materials to the impact-coordinating structures of fields and machines, so that any target can be specifically controlled “by the Beast”. -A chip under the skin accomplishes the same resonant connection, opened to transfer effects through entangled field conveyance directly to the body.

Top of the system of rule, no matter ther name of the evil "Deity":

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boutreality  (OP)

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05/03/2020 06:28 PM

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=====NEW INFO=====
Snippet from OP:

...it is built to meet the objective of controlling masses of people as if they were puppets bound to invisible strings controlling the nervous system; the digestive system; the respiratory system; the circulatory system, -the entire body of anyone is made to function as entanglement to the beast network of controls subsumes the physiological, metabolic pathways of the body in all its cells...

Passage (also) describes how the functions of the body can physically become paired the functions of physical system in bodyies of creature grown to host strategic allotments of lived experience and intent; at the respiratory level of whole field conveyance between two different living systems - the body of a person, and the body of a "slave demon" for example.

-The "second body" is never seen or sensed, though it is entangled through the Beast technologies described in the OP, and with age the body comes to have whole portions of its conscious awareness transferred to the new body, with the bulk of what animates the "built demonic creatures" being loaded all at once upon sufficient numbers dying.

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boutreality  (OP)

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05/04/2021 04:14 AM

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How did this thread come back up? I've been trying to add one comment to a thread (the original one intended or this one w/ link back to that one) but NOTHING shows up! After a few failed attempts I noticed this thread is now back in my "Active Threads list"? -This post worked so let's try option 2 though background info will be at the thread linked to at bottom:

Intra-dimensional security measures the Beast system relies on to maintain overall control.

Off the miniaturized beast hall explained in the last New Info update (in thread linked to at bottom), where characteristic of types of creatures are employed such that people serving the Beast System are empowered using these unseen technologies, learning to call upon their effects as the security of their own person.

As a start point, Arianism is a philosophy holding that all of existence was at a loss until existence itself “called the Arian” into being. Following the paradigm of these threads, sentience as the physical field quality it is, is its own type of matter. Sentience is allotted to matter, and for Arian operatives an allotment of sentience meant to stand as its own column, made of its own material is anchored to a central “shelf” type structure found at the base of the sternum through what people call their Aura.

Because this extra sentience is central to the Arian authority, an intra-dimensional endoskeleton, with this sentient column arranged to a sort of command post is commonly called upon by the overarching system, arranging for covert operative of all types to be ordered into positions without much consciously aware effort - personnel are rendered nodes of a pseudo “borg” mind.

Because the column of sentience is much like a baby snake standing on its end, and because a long thin body is easily considered an amount of matter that is optimal for sentience-controlled bodies which can be made into sub-physical beings arranged in within the operatives’ fields and secretly called upon.

“Real life undercover assignments” are common to these covert operatives teams trained to serve as “Snakes of the Beast system”. These men are trained at youth in what amount to Nazi brainwashing camps to operate in teams of 4-8 people. Each young man is eventually “gifted” with their role in their teams’ collective snake-based identity.
Picture a snake at the middle of the right lung, its brain and its eyes can process its own information on behalf of the person using the “snake Beast system clearance”. Picture the individual person’s snake being attached to a disc-like structure such that at the base of its head, attached to its upper back, a central disc. Following the edge of the horizontal disc a couple of minutes to the right, you’ll find another snake attached at the same portion of its body, with the pattern repeated all around the disc for a total of up to eight snakes.

These male teams have each of their members call upon the power and protection of one snake per person. The central disc unites the snake-portion of the team member’s individual “powers or gifts” and commands their coordination, working the type of information the snake processes into how the operatives behave in the real world. (Same as how any animal you qualify for in the beast system works its supposed attributes into the person’s life.) In this way, covert teams of Arians all over the world work the seemingly random people in their lives.

It is fitting to call the central disc structure a “strategy disc” because it is a fixture expected to be found inside of several central coordinating structures WIST relies on; masses of "otherworldly" flesh often grow atop the discs and every function they are relied upon for comes down to signals originating from the disc, that are reporting back on signals received from the active member's personal snake by the disc. For these snakes of the beast system, their team’s assignment is orchestrating the psychological, financial, or character threats to be carried out against any target assigned.

Teams are made in trainings during youth and young adulthood. Team members approved for these operations are always active, constantly working together using their original team assignments to ground their person to system-provided security and its organizational network of overlapping secret technologies. When people on these types of teams are active, typically every other member of the team is rendered somewhat subdued; the internal arrangement of esoterically accessed powers works to give each member up to 8 pairs of eyes, with all of them “watching” every angle for every team member. Of course, the extra sets of eyes are the eyes of the snake-like creatures (they are snake grown to be attached to a central disc through a section of their backs.)

This is information is crucial to understanding the enemy’s cultural view. When you’re dealing with real Arianism you’re confronted with an agenda every person ostensibly agrees to because of their own self-valued definition that just so happens to be nearly identical to the famous “Whites of pure Arian stock just physically, mentally, and emotionally are actually better than everyone else.”

Having those “rewarded with service” to the Beast system always working efficiently relies at every level on their personnel becoming in fact, pseudo-people - servants who live for little else than playing their role in this (their time’s) stage of the eons-long “greater plan” of Satan, Lucifer, the Federal Reserve; whoever’s paying. -The assignments often come with worldly benefits but many of them are never free, moving from one life they can strategically disturb to another, until they die.

Another valuable note on this brand of Arianism covert operations have popularized since the end of world war two: It turns out the Eugenic teaching that each race should stick to their own kind in order to eventually yield the best genetic specimens from each race is what the “culture of Post-World War 2” Nazism gradually morphed into, and now the phrase (something like) “I’m not racist. I’m a racial separatist with good reason.” Is more aligned to the Nazis than it ever was during World War 2.

-This cultural shift was accomplished by the automated aspects of the Beast system working through personnel like the snake teams described, and it fits into how the global corporatist ideal can use the idea to field the "best possible genetic performance no matter its source". (This adds up to something like the movie "Get Out" where the improvments are given to the white male through "interdimensional gene therapy" and the race of the recipient is not changed - it's a matter of inducing upgraded genetic traits for an exorbitant fee.

For full context reconcile this info to what's in OP and reply here:

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