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Subject How to win AGAINST commies AKA The "perfected" protest :) through praise- we are all essential!
Poster Handle bijou
Post Content
[link to youtu.be (secure)]

This video

This video in 2017 gave me joy to watch and it's how I see Americans.
It's who we are, and the perfect protest is through freely proclaiming God is awesome!
Whenever and wherever there is oppression, lock down, restriction by a dictator dictating leins against life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness by government Who breaks state and federal constitutional articles,It becomes essential to
Curtail the employ of arrogant derelict servants.
While your praising at the beach, at work, on the road, in town. Pass around an idea or sign for state referendum to fire, remove, or remand to jail such lawbreaking, grasping at power perversions pf public office. Excoriate their names and deeds from the public ledger of citizens with character of good standing,the necessary prerequisite for our entrustment of any representative or agent of we the people's will.

Fire the bad governors, mayor's ect. By referendum.
Ask Trump for federal website to electronic signatures, because of national pandemic stay at home laws.
Each bad state has a link and the listed power usurpers needed canned.
One state multiple referendums to fire.
Scale up, to thr federal voting government website needing electronic signature to vote in the election, because of the stay at home laws...

Federal website to claim damage from tne state laws causing bodily harm, death, misclassification of death, business harm, loss, damage, distress,ECT. Too many people to hire lawyers for this, and because of stay at home laws, the website is needed, and takes it out of state hands who have motive to ignore causing no redress.
Lawfully, constitutionally beat them.
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