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Subject Need Urban Survivalist Advice
Poster Handle GalaxyGirl
Post Content
Good morning everyone! Quick post here:

Need advice on how to best protect my home and family while living in a bad neighborhood, in a house with TONS of big glass windows, on a busy residential intersection.

I don't have a gun anymore (my sons friend took it to clean and never gave it back) and I can't legally buy one now thanks to getting a MM card.

I have a decent size stock of food but I have 7 people to take care of (all crammed into a 3 bedroom house :)).

Thought about buying enough plywood, cut to size, to cover downstairs windows but it would take up more room in my garage than I have.

Thought about getting co2 pellet gun, but I know jack and shit about what to get.

Have a big barky dog who is otherwise useless, a machete, ax and massive Mama bear complex ( I WILL kick an ass ).

Ideas? Advice? Thanks!
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