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Message Subject Brother of ex-Green Beret in failed Venezuela coup pleads for help from US
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
IF the mercs are real (albeit amateurs),

and IF the native resistance to Commie Dictator Maduro is real,

and IF the mercs were there to help the freedom fighters to throw off the chains of their tyranny,

then more power to them!

Now the resistance needs to step up and rescue them.

Contrary to what some believe here, most Western ex-mil. mercs do tend to only work for those they consider to be the "good" guys, meaning they either support their cause, or politically or morally oppose the other side. And most mercs think of themselves as either 'security contractors' or as 'trainers, support personnel, etc.'

Invariably these days, mercs tend to be hired by the losing side who is in need of more troops, and has funding to spend on them. They are often fighting a lost cause. The winning side usually has all the money, troops, and military hardware they need.

One nation's 'freedom fighter' is another nation's 'terrorist' or 'insurgent'.

Who are you rooting for, the freedom fighters or the dictator?
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