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Subject Pennsylvania Secretary of Health Announces Electronic Tracking Software for your phone
Poster Handle Buckeye Barney
Post Content
From Pennsylvania State Rep. David Rowe

Moments ago, Secretary of Health Rachel Levine announced the Department of Health is developing electronic contact tracing applications for cell phones. The Secretary also stated that usage of such software will be “voluntary”. Hopefully, it will remain voluntary longer than the Governor’s intial “self-enforced” business closure order or the original “non-mandatory mask suggestion”, both of which quickly became mandates.
The Governor also announced the creation of the “Commonwealth Civilian Coronavirus Corps” that will have the authority to “expand Pennsylvania’s contact tracing initiatives.”
Allow me to be perfectly clear, I firmly oppose the violation of Civil Liberties and Constitutional Rights that these new “contact tracing” measures will cause. In addition, I firmly oppose the creation of a state-funded “Corps” with the authority to carry out these violations. I will not vote for any bill or appropriation of state resources that will support these unconstitutional initiatives.
Please ask your local legislator to join me in opposing infringements on Civil Liberties and Constitutional rights: [link to www.legis.state.pa.us (secure)]
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