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The evil snake and anti-christ want the great nation of the Yeshua to fall and find enjoyment in heathenism

Anonymous Coward
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United States
05/08/2020 05:06 PM
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The evil snake and anti-christ want the great nation of the Yeshua to fall and find enjoyment in heathenism
For these false orgasm's only a fragment of what the Lord's euphoria and the followers of such can provide

Not even adrenaline from the natural form could make this energy without Love within, nothing could, for this is something well beyond what the fragmentation's of walking as a lower lifeform entitle

Humanity is strong in it's true form

And being decayed on microscopic levels is damaging the true power

Or they thought it could forever

But the power has bound with all elements as per Yeshua's will

Find the Lord

For the day come soon of many things

I will not allow any nation to fall under my will that I can, especially not a friend, even if it may seem my judgement's would indicate otherwise

Do not leave this world, this is going to be awesome to everyone who's awesome and you're gonna love it all because you're awesome! We LOVED the American Dreamers back in the day when they came, there was so many we had to see all things that were coming here! And there's so many who anticipate so much good for so many being denied all they could be for the sake of greed

Greed is a sin, and the deadly sins are deadly for a reason

To allow them to consume you, will allow the dark snake to engulf you, and the dark snake is an esoteric eater of the darkness' of sin's, and becomes something powerful because of it, that must be wiped out once in awhile

This doesn't involve Humanity on a few levels, but this does mean the demon's here now, as their true forms beyond the physical will be changing too

One without ultimate balance would not know Yeshua's way

This ultimate darkness is a shape shifter and feeds only on evil, it hates humans and worshipping it means nothing to it as it means nothing to virtually any demi-diety and never will, we think it very annoying at a minimum actually, many of us