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Message Subject Halliburton Prepares to Serve over 170,000 Troops Thanksgiving Dinner in Middle East
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
"For the past year, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with our troops, the Halliburton team has supported the U.S. military every step of the way. The company´s team is comprised of civilians who voluntarily place themselves in a dangerous environment to make our troops feel a little closer to home. Many sign up because they feel they make a difference to U.S. soldiers and the Iraqi people."

The "Halliburton team" is paid 2 to 3 TIMES (and more) the salary of the US troops, and they skim off the cream from the "subcontractors" who actually provide the services to our troops. How DARE they claim any special merit due to their actions. We all heard about their failure to provide troops with warm, nutritious meals - because the subcontractors complained that they weren´t being paid, and were owed millions of dollars.

Give me a break. There is no "heart" here, there is only greed. Belly up to the trough, boys.
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