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Message Subject The Anti-Trump Resistance Collapses - As Trump Exposes Biden AT The Center Of The Failed Coup - Vid
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It’s not really about exposing or busting Biden and Obama and the crook, although that’s an important part of the plan, it’s really about taking down the rogue CIA and it’s controlling factions.

Biden and Obama are only agents of this CIA group. The controllers of course are the central bank families and whatever non-human entities controlling them that they’ve made public references to many many times.

So when your idiot friends are whining like bitches about Trump not arresting Obama, Clinton, Biden, etc... tell them there is a much bigger plan at work.

Also keep in mind that this is a surgical operation and not a ham fisted take down. This cia group has things in place, like nukes buried under cities, recovered technology that you can’t dream of, plagues that can be released, and other things.

What needs to be shattered first is the minions of these controlling factions, then the top can be taken down.
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