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Need Help Growing Hydroponics

User ID: 300056
United States
09/18/2007 10:10 PM
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Need Help Growing Hydroponics
Tell me what you think? hydroponics.com/flchmogrboxs.html
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 281483
United States
09/18/2007 10:36 PM
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Re: Need Help Growing Hydroponics
1) Air
2) Water
3) Food
4) Light
5) Temperature
6) PH level

1) Air - Plants need air as much as they need water. That is why rockwool has worked well because it creates many air gaps. Downside of rockwool is that it's not environmentally degradable [for a long time] when disposed of.

2) Water - Always provide water for whenever the roots need them. In soil the water can 'drown' plants of air, but not so with rockwool, so with soil you would need to maintain a certain moisture level without drowning the plant.

3) Food - If using hydroponics/rockwool use a nutrient solution in the combination optimal for the plant that is being grown. In soil you use fertilizer. Both is basically the same except that 'nutrient solution' is really fertilizer dissolved in water.

4) Light - Have a good light for all the plants needs.

5) Temperature - If it gets too hot, the plant may have to redirect it's energy in keeping itself cool rather than towards growth.

6) PH Level - Soil is a good buffer against PH change, but with hydroponics/rockwool you do need to keep the PH level maintained to the right level. You would purchase acid or alkaline to keep the PH balanced, and use a kit to measure the present PH level. Also, rockwool affects the PH so the PH may need to be adjusted to compensate for it.

Provided that you can produce or have all the energy you need for indoor lights, you can make the biggest and healthiest vegetables you've ever seen. When done right these plants grow like they're in the garden of eden.

By the way, your URL is not a working link.