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Message Subject Ordering pizza in the future
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Didn't happen in 2015 like the video predicted.
Still I'd say it has a good chance of happening by 2025 the way things are going.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77339651

That'd be scary if it happened.
However the girl taking the order on the phone has a really sexy voice.
Shame they didn't show her.
I bet she's super hot!
I'd love to fuck her!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77554950

I'm so pissed right now I can't see straight. What's up with the "planned power outage" in Ontario, CA tonight at 6pm all the way until 5am???? Anybody here live out there? Is this part of the norm????

My dad is 86 years old and has lived by himself in Ontario, CA for over 25 years. It just so happens that I have finally convinced him to move here to Tucson and he'll be here for good on the 31th of April. Thank God because California is out of it's fucking mind. I called Southern California Edison Customer Service just now and demanded to know WHY this was happening. The Rep's reply was that they are putting in new poles. So, I asked the logical questions:

Why do it at night? Can't they change poles during the day? Why put people in a completely vulnerable situation...in pitch blackness from 6pm to 5am?? And why only give people 3 days notice - by sticking a flyer on the door no less!!! It's not on the news or internet..nothing. And what about the people who have to work Monday?? Couldn't Cal Edison, at the very least, done it Saturday DAY??

Guess how each question was answered?? With absolute silence and then, like a robot, "Sorry, this is the scheduled outage" over and over after each question. I finally hung up on him.

Mind you, my dad isn't upset at all. To him, it's just California being fucked up as usual (and he won't feed into my conspiracy theories - I tried) so he's ready to just deal with it. But I threw a fit because I think it's ludicrous and SUSPICIOUS. To time it like this appears to me as if they are deliberately creating anxiety...vulnerability...a frigging DRILL for when they REALLY pull the plug.

Anyway, I told my dad to charge the cell and load the Glock just in case. Am I making a big deal out of nothing or is this as completely fucked up as I think it is???

wtf the
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77728230

Antifa and BLM have promised to take the fight to the suburbs. Probable the leftist government is cuttng the power to give them an advantage.

If they do, then go blow up the electrical company and shoot holes in every cooling fin in every substation transformer.
 Quoting: Bonefortoona

Good morning all. Today I need to get some things off my chest. I know that life seems pretty peaches & cream here at the West Philly palatial estate, but let me tell you. LIFE IS HARD. At least when you like to complain.

Back in August we adopted two kittens. These kittens, Ziggy and Pepper, have now entered advanced *FRISKY* stage. So they spend most of each day shredding our leather furniture, hanging from the woodwork, killing countless potted plants and STALKING. Just look at these photos.

Until recently, these reenactments of WILD KINGDOM had been tame. But the altercations between Kiwi and the kittens have grown in intensity. Yesterday I found my ox-pecking appendage of a bird cornered beneath a table on the back porch, the kittens primed for the kill. Kiwi is so damn feisty and DUMB she actually FLEW DOWN TO THE FLOOR to have it out w/ them. The bird is ornery. She is jealous. She REEAALLLLLLLLLY wants to kick their ass. But if she doesn’t wise up soon, she’s gonna be 2 bites of meat for one of these cats.

We have tried a dozen different tactics. Locking Kiwi in her cage – which she HATES. Locking her in a room. Which she HATES. Locking the kittens in a room. WHICH THEY HATE. Letting them all range free – which they ALL LOVE but will lead to one or more deaths and/or maimings. I have to face facts. If we keep these cats, I will lose my bird. and it will be ugly.

SO. Several months ago I posted about our dishwasher dying. WELL. Seems all our appliances have a 7-year life cycle, b/c wouldn’t you know? As of 3 weeks ago, our dryer’s done gone dead. It was working fine – then BLAMMO. Nada. The thing just won’t turn on. John has concluded the motor’s burned out. And now, 3 wks later, the washer has joined it in solidarity. We’ve all heard of couples, when one partner dies, the other loses all will to live. Apparently my washer-dryer were a match made in heaven. No matter how hard I beg/plead/sweet talk to this machine, I trudge down to the basement umpteen times a day to find a tub full of water and half-washed clothes. I fill the machine, run the sucker, and once it’s “done,” I check it. Inevitably, the washer has somehow mysteriously completed the cycle w/out emptying. HOW DOES IT DO THIS?? Go through spin w/out any spinning. Or draining. Or ANYTHING.

I know I am a throw-back to the 50s housewives of yore, But I love doing laundry. LOVE IT. It is the ONE HOUSEHOLD CHORE (besides cooking) I enjoy. I love the smell of fresh laundry. The feel of it. The sense of satisfaction only 5 baskets of neatly-folded clothing can bring. And I love my laundry room. Even though it’s down in the filthy basement where most people hate to go, it’s my home away from home – in my home. I’ve hung the peeling walls w/ pictures drawn by my children. Scenes of the African plain, animals, signs reading “I LovE you MoMMy, YOUR the BEST!” It doesn’t get any better than that. Rather than resent my family while I labor at their behest, I think fondly of them all. My laundry room. My happy place. UNTIL NOW. Now that both machines have broken. BREAKING MY REVERIE. Leaving me neither high, nor dry.
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