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Subject Weird experience playing piano: hearing + feeling someone? + chickens singing
Poster Handle ScooberDoober69
Post Content
I play the piano but don't do it very often, like a slightly advanced intermediate; no mozart, but I play pretty good.

Yesterday I brought a chicken inside because she's always going up to the door waiting for me. I decided to play her a song. She sat in my lap. I felt her react to every single note, and when it was done she started clucking really loud while normally shes a quiet chicken. It was cute because she liked it.

After I put her back outside I played another song, 'candle on the water'. Normally I play the first page and stop because i'm too lazy to learn the rest, but I played all 4 pages really fucking good. The weirdest part is that during this, the same chicken was singing really loud outside, I felt a brief moment of fingertips on my shoulder, and on 2 occasions I heard something whisper in my ear. Each time I heard it I jumped because wtf was that.

I assumed it couldn't harm me and it liked the music, so I continued, but it was a really weird experience. The voice was male, but I couldn't distinguish what it said (1-2 words). It was freaky but sweet? idk anyone have anything similar with music?
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