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Message Subject Folks Something Very Strange, Very Big and Very Nefarious is Happening in The Medical Field
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Yesterday I was over at my friends house for a small pool party. One of her neighbors came over and we were all talking about the strange stuff going on with the virus and how everyone was working from home and most doctors were not getting as much business as usual because of the shut down. This lady told me that she works in hospital finance and that something very big and very weird was happening. She said that doctors all over America are getting millions and millions of dollars deposited directly into their bank accounts. These doctors did not apply for the money. It was just deposited to them. She does not know what it is for. But, she feels like there must be some stipulation or small print that if they use the money they have to give over all kinds of info - not patient info - but business info. She thinks that the government wants to know how they do business so they can take control of it.

My friends husband (the friend hosting the pool party) is a chiropractor. My friend told me that the government deposited $30,000 in his bank account and that he never even applied for it. The gal in hospital finance said that was nothing compared to the amounts that some of the doctors were getting. She said some of them were getting several million dollars. She said is very weird and she is very worried.

We need to find out what is going on. Keep and eye on this thread. Does anyone here have an idea of what this could be about?
 Quoting: Alpacalips

Sounds a little like a creative writing assignment... why would "the government" deposit money without first establishing specific conditions/requirements for taking the money?

Their going to want you firstborn child if they're giving you "millions of dollars" for information they could probably just take for free, if they want to badly enough.

Sounds very fake and ghey... and a chiropractor is still NOT a doctor.
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