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the Egyptian religious-liberalism(feminism/capitalism) took my money and refused to give me a suitable job

anwar, the shining one..
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05/21/2020 08:21 PM
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the Egyptian religious-liberalism(feminism/capitalism) took my money and refused to give me a suitable job
1-i can not just "get any job", not all jobs are suitable and of course i will not work as supervisor for garbage men for 100 dollar a month, and i will not work in another city and travel to it every day in the Egyptian heat and spend have of my salary on travel cost, that is if i was lucky to find such jobs
that because i have something you liberals robots and rich predatory-animals do not have it call "dignity, honor and feelings", it means that -Not like you-i will feel great pain and humiliation if i worked in such jobs
all this while the misandrist capitalism in Egypt are giving dumb unskilled adulteress woman the best jobs nearly effortlessly and with them billions of free money every year as pension just because they are women

2-i spend the 34 year of my life mostly in extreme prolonged physical, emotional and psychological pain and deprivation, i can not waste what time left of my life in similar pain, enslaved for life in shitty hard jobs is also hell, even if it gives me the social respect and the financial ability to marry

3-i am not living in the USA, i am living in a country with high unemployment rates and where millions who are younger, more social, more active and better skilled than me disparately searching for a job and they do not find it, they will compete with me in finding a job, who do you think will get any job me or them
and also i am living in small non-industrial city, that have one of the lowest job offers rates in Egypt

4-i am not like everyone, i am severely despised by your liberal(capitalist/feminist/religious) society because i am not like them, they never really offered me any friendship, they do not believe that i have any good skills suitable for any good jobs and they refuse to give me any good jobs, they blindly believe that i am mentally ill, immoral, gaay, idiot, a woman, a child and lesser than a dog
they even read my mind, humiliated me, beaten me, sexually/emotionally deprived me, isolated me, psychologically attacked me and criminalized my freedoms and my manhood for decades until they corrupted me and destroyed my sense of security, self esteem and hope
and even if i manged to find a good job with people who are not my enemies, my enemies will know and will mostly conspire against me to make me lose this job
they even cursed me too look like a vampire if i ever just watched porn, and with my 34 years of virginity i can not live a week without at-least watch porn, who want someone who sometimes look like a vampire to work for him?
also i am 34 years old and in Egypt nearly no one give a job to someone who his age is above 30, especially if he wasn't working before, they consider him a loser

5-i currently i do not have enough money to travel and/or live in another city who may have jobs for me, i do not even have money to buy the proper clothes for a job, i can only spend the little money i get on food

6-despite that you liberals/capitalists are like-minded copied herd or programmed NPCs, real people like me are not all the same like you, someone like me was originally supposed to be middle-class landlord bourgeois who live on the rent of his properties, but the Egyptian people has united and conspired against me with the help of their hive-mind, god and fate, they destroyed and stolen my legal ownership papers, took away my land by intimidating me and exploiting a holes in the laws and used old socialist laws to reduce the rent of the properties i still own
and my own family has conspired against me, scammed me and took away my inheritance

7-the extreme Egyptian version of capitalism or "after Obama capitalism" are mentally incompatible with me, it is not even fair as it claims, and someone like me want the goverment to Provides and offer him a real job easily, like what happens in a socialist or mixed economy country, like the USA, not want to go begging all people to give me any job and live under their mercy and do interviews to test "how Gemini i am" and if i wasn't Gemini enough they refuse me
i even manged to get an interview for a very suitable job for me in Egypt but one of my enemies has turned it the into a trap for me, they say that they are summoning me for just an English test but i discoverer that it is an interview not test and i was prepared for a test not an interview so i failed despite that the job -English auditor in amazon Egypt- was tailor made for me

8-i already searched for a job online for 2 years and i applied to thousands of career sites, but no one gives a fuck, only like 6 of them has given me some tests but they refused me either because they was in another country or because i failed the test sometimes because the stupid google mail keep putting their mails in the spam, just my usual luck/fate

9-Allah, Muslims/Allah worshipers, Egyptians, liberals(feminists/capitalists), air signs especially Gemini people and with them other human factions/types has gone made after i removed the Muslim brotherhood from ruling Egypt and since then they insanely hate and despise me, they spy on me and read my mind and keep torturing and destroying me and blame me for it, they never admit they are wrong or did any harm to me unjustly, and the rest of humanity believe their bullshit or not care about what they do to me, this means they will never stop until i annihilate them even if have to sacrifice everyone

10-after what your god and your human world did to me in the last 34 years and still insist on keep doing it, my relationship with your world and your human system/order has ended, i can't ever work for your world/people/system, to your world i am now a force of evil destruction, i have nothing here to give your human stupid world except pain, death and destruction, it is over and too late
your kind are very dumb if they think otherwise, i will see your human liberal(capitalist/feminist/religious) world burn or i will die trying
and obviously, you are the ones who brought this upon yourselves
stop the silly psychological attacks
chill out, most of what i say here is just theories
my side/frinds are only the ones that make me secure and rich

User ID: 78857932
05/21/2020 08:23 PM
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Re: the Egyptian religious-liberalism(feminism/capitalism) took my money and refused to give me a suitable job
Chill and have a Mentos.
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