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Message Subject I'm Sorry, Mr. President
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I'm Sorry mr.President (without the , )for not believing in what He preached, for being so open in dark matter, for caring about your orange hair to not get messy, for being a servant instead of a Leader of all free countries, for not standing up to what this God's country has to offer, for sacrificing your soul in the name of ego and greed and twitter, for being the marionette with infinite strings so to be played with, for not proving that a President of the US can be good and fair and care.
I'm sorry, Mr.President, there is still time to repel, to feel the real power of that seat that you sit on, and use it as a virtue of its stronger protections against tyranny by majorities or minorities that abuse their oaths of office and place their personal agendas over that of the Constitution.
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